What brake lever are you using?

Curious which donor car you folks who didn't get the brake lever with their kit decided on. I'll mount mine on the center console (LHD).

Brian Stewart
If you want to go authentic, original is from 105E Ford Anglia... 100E Anglia is similar but needs a small modification.
Hi Darrin

I'm going with an MGF handbrake lever. I wanted a lever which is a little more compact than the Escort one.

I've not fitted it, so don't know how successful this will be yet....
Thanks everyone. Am hoping to find something that will work here in the US. I did a search in Google images for handbrakes and almost everything that looks like it would work is either in the UK or Australia! LOL
I had a very tight space constraint due to where I placed mine, and ended up using a Gennie Shifter handle. It's more expensive than OEM, and arguably not as powerful, but it is small, and made from polished SS, so it's bling. Had to machine mounting blocks for it, but not a big deal...