What happened to the Superlite cars Apex?

Hey i was wondering, does anybody know what happened to Fran's Apex kit car design?

Has that been abandoned? Would be a shame if it was. I was looking forward to it

We are still building one. The mechanicals are complete. The body work is in progress. We will post pictures soon. I am not sure if anyone else has tackled this. Lots of design, build and redesign as there is little information to go on.
Ours is nearing completion.


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Engine access is via rear clam. Nose is hinged at front to gain access to fuel cell and cooling.


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Want to finish mine?? lol

I'm blowing off the dust of my project soon, and going to get back at it. I never got the right size coil overs/springs from SL. That will be the first step to see which direction this goes.
Phenomenal work Glenn! I totally forgot about the Apex build until I logged back into this forum. The build was before its time, for sure as the new C8 Corvette literally looks like an identical twin. Hopefully, we'll get some 2022 updates on the project soon than latter.
Pity. Love the more streetable styling of the Apex, it’s not often you look at a kit and think it might be worth making a daily driver out of it.