What steering columns are you all using?

I would like to find a column that is a little more finished than what came with my RCR GT40 however I do not want it so modern it looks out of place (late model with signals, headlights and wiper stalks). I have been looking at everything from the Race Columns like Woodward Steering as well as the big guys like Ididit, Flaming River etc.

I was thinking a simple column with a paintable housing, self canceling turn signals and ability to retain a quick release would be optimal. Ididit makes a nice column for a reasonable price, but I am calculating the column itself should be 23"-25" to allow for another 3"-4"of quick release and adapter. The problem I am seeing is you go from 16" up to 30" or the price jumps way up for custom length units.

Does anyone else have options they have used successfully?

Alternatively I can get a "race"column that has a finished tube around the steering shaft but no self cancelling turn signals that can be cut to length. I was thinking that route and do the following;
1. Buttons on the steering wheel with either a removable cord or one of the RF options to trigger a signal box that cancels the turn signals on a timer.
2. An external switch on the column or dash with the signal box.

I just don't want to be that guy driving 3 miles down the road with the signal flashing.

Anyone do something different?
Plz inquiring minds want to know...I'm in the same boat. Would like tilt, internal turn mechanism and a way to do quick release steering wheel.


Mortified GT
Using Southern GT with bronze bushes, collapsible, quick release steering wheel Motolita teardrops flat 14”