What's better than two GT40s in Colorado?

Three of course!

This 'meet-n-greet' was Sunday morning, south of Denver in Lone Tree. We had Scott (CScott67), who hauled his car all the way from Daytona Beach to play for a day, and Mike (MHNCO) with his ultra clean SPF. Tom and Scott then headed west for a short, fun drive in the foothills west of Denver. Meanwhile, Mike headed East for a highway blast around Denver.

Scott, thanks for coming out to the Denver area and hanging out with us Sunday morning! Special thanks to Mike for taking the video plus a few pics.

GT40s - YouTube


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Was nice to see you again and see all the mods to your 40! Hopefully next time we can get them on the track and wring them out a little......

Mike thanks for the pics/video and bringing your SPF out. Was nice to meet you and hope you decide to keep your car.

Now lets plan a trip to Le Mans!!! S