What's the Best GT40 DVD?

Is there any good or great DVD's on GT40's? Something that shows rare footage of the development of the cars and than later, with the Gulf teams?

I have one DVD sponsored by Gulf and Forodo of the LeMans race. It show small bits of the race with the GT40 and Porsche 917. What else is out there that's WORTH watching?

~ Randy
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I have three (all worth watching):

Ford GT40 the story - from 1963 to the new GT supercar

La Ronde Infernale Le Mans 1969

The Gulf/Wyer GT40s & 917s in action [perhaps the DVD you have]
- Never start something you can't stop [Le Mans 1968]
- A year to remember [1970 season for the Gulf Porsche 917s]


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YES, this is the one I've seen on the screen while I was on teen-age! And this is the reason why I'm still around in this forum?

Alan Watkins

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Hmmm. May have answered my own question. Someone on the net says

"We can see here Ford GT 40 on the Montlhéry Circuit, France. From the movie "un home une femme" by Claude Lelouch. The GT 40 we can see here really took part on the 1965 24h Du Mans race under the colors of Ford France. Main actor (pilot here) Jean-louis Trintignant was nephew of Maurice Trintignant who was real pilot of the Ford France GT 40 at this time. Henri Chemin director of Ford France can be seen here (man with bonnet) playing his own character."

Max Walter

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Re: GT40s in Film, and "Un homme Et Une Femme"

Just found this database which might be of interest.

IMCDb.org: Ford GT 40 in movies and TV series

It lists 30+ GT40 appearances, although it fails to distinguish accurately between replicas and originals.
There's one car shown there that certainly isn't a replica or an original GT40, the one shown for the film The Secret Service, 1969. Though this may just be someone's bad choice of picture to show for the film.

I can think of a film that is missing, though the (replica) GT40 that is in it is only present for a few seconds before being machine gunned - Die Another Day.

Nice list though.