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Hi guys , would anyone know what would be the widest rim wheels and tyre size that would fit on the rear of my car i would like to fit 15 inch wheels , it is a GTD Mark 1 1991

Cheers Paul
If I consider that you have the "basic" GTD with granada original setup, 10x15 rear should be considered as a maximum IMHO.

I've had some 295x15 Avon some time ago on 10x15 wheels, but finally downsized to 275.

Altough something smaller will provide a better look, IMHO again, with the wheels more inside the wheel archs (something around 9x15), more "authentic". Your own appreciation and the look you want to achieve will dictate. Check the offset carefully, and make some mockup (what I didn't, and now regret !)

Howard Jones

8 inch's wide at the front and 10 inch's at the rear regardless of diameter. That would be the standard sizes for a GTD. Before you decide on diameter be certain you can get a tire that suits you. 15 will be difficult and 17s will have a few good choices.

Lots of discussion on GT40s on this subject. search engine should come up with a lot of info, just be sure to check posting date. This subject has be going around and around for a long time.

Mark Charlton

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On my GTD I have the 15" Vintage Wheels BRM copies. Tires are 225-50/15 and 295-50/15 in the rear. It looks like they should rub but they don't on mine.



Howard Jones

These are what 17s look like on my GTD. Tires on the 01 number and gold wheels without numbers are 225.45.17 and 285.35.17. On the 83 pictures I am running 245.40.17 and 315.35.17s. Wheels on both are 8 inches wide in front and 10.5 in the rear. All again are 17 inches in diameter.


Hi Paul,

I had 17' (vintage wheels) with Michelin Sport (not available anymore).
Look is really 'whaw' but less original.

I changed to 15' with Avon CR6zz
295 rear and 225 front
(10 and 8 dim).

Too me best option but agree with Pierre Louis on 275 option for rear (its all about the look...)

If price is not the issue I seriously reco Avon .

Good luck