Where can I get the "blue lights"

...For the gulf car. I have seen them in the front, centered in the opening and on the rear quarter (much larger radius). Anyone know the correct size and where I can get them? Thanks
Hi Jim,

The large rear ones are aircraft landing lights from WW11 aircraft. They are quite readily available on ebay in the U.K but the blue ones are a bit harder to find. I have a red one on mine + a spare. I also have a green one that doesn't look good with a red car.
The front one is a lucas item that you can still buy. However, only in red, clear and amber. I got a clear one and used translucent glass paint to make it green. You would never know it wasn't like that from the start (O.K maybe you would now I've told you). I'm not in the U.K at the moment, but if you need help sourcing, I can dig out the info, I'm sure.

Thanks Mark and Martin. I appreciate the insight and offer to help. I'll try my luck at ebay and see what I can find.