Where have all the "good" Republicans gone?

The economy is doing great,,,,

The war on terror is going great,,,

Dollar is stronger than ever,,,,

Gas prices are not "that Bad",,,

Then WHY is it that The Sheik has to chose between a "Communist"/Democrat Obama and closet Democrat McCain???!!

I am really saddened about these choices. I mean my favorite Moron (Boy George) is leaving, and the Repooplicans decided not to chose a Moron as their candidate??!!!!!And then they chose a closet Democrat?? I am "Shocked":):)

NO,NO,NO Sarah Quail,,,(I mean Dan Pailan) doesn't count. I love GI Johny, but what the hell was he thinking??? Let's all pray he stays healthy and live for 1000 years, we can't afford another Moron for 8 years.
Have a look to each side, they are probably sittin on the fence with you! Shaker, your the only guy I know that :):)'s when he's '''Shocked''', & beneath it all I think you have a soft spot for Sarah babe. Truth be known this is probably the first time you have been in no doubt as to who your gonna vote for!! :) :)


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Where is H. Ross when you need him! I'm writing him in along with T. Boone for VP. Don't fret Sheik, you will soon be a proud partial owner of several finance and insurance companies. :stunned: I'd vote you in as a corporate board member! Things aren't so bad... :rolleyes2:
They have all fled to Mexico! By the way it is very difficult to use the word "good" in any sentence involving politicians - regardless of party.