Where WOGGS started their fascination with the female chest...

Kin perverts the lot of you. :stunned: I have watched the clip a few times now as part of a scientific case study and believe there to be a link between the said pair of bangers and the evolution of the drinks optics. Eye contact needs to be made in much the same manner to get a drink.:)



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It's an evil conspiracy, your own mother sticks one in your mouth at birth to get you hooked!

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Okay, gentlemen, and all the rest of you WOGGs, here's a challenge for you:

Find appropriate photos to go with the following items (Keith, this ought to keep you happily busy for the next day or two)

-whole milk
-2% milk
-skim milk
-organic milk
-condensed milk
-powdered milk

NO "G" rated photos will be accepted. I will delete them if I can figure out how. Only NSFW photos will be allowed.

Hit it. :)
Fuggit here we go then for my second infraction , my first was for being gay :laugh:

Organic, will probably get deleted when Keith turns the gas on.:)

(((link and nude woman image deleted)))
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Are you sure its organic Bob, no evidence supplied to prove a GE free diet & free from pesticides etc! If she hangs around this forum to long she might get to know a few more pests... screensaver for the desperate!!:)


Pity, I was just getting around liking him too...
(Chevy Orange)

Ouch, that kind of sears the eyeballs doesn't it?