Which Porsche??

I've been thinking for some time about my next project after the '40 and a car I've always longed for is the air-cooled Porsche 911. The dilemma is which one. I love the look of the early Euro pre-impact bumper cars (think 1969-73 "long hood" models) but know little as to their ease of restoration and overall desirability. Any suggestions as to years or 911 models that would be more desirable and any to avoid? Ideally, the price range would be around what I could get for my early CAV mono (around $85K I'd guess).
Pat, since you are the type of person that wants a car that is not a cookie cutter example and also someone who wants to build it, I would suggest taking a late model Carrera (1986-1988) and back dating the look to a Longhood car (1965- 1973). That model Carrera because it has the better G50 transmission. Also the body is easier to back date than the 964 or 993 models. The chassis is also pretty stout and easily accepts upgrades to the suspension and brakes. The body comes with the small RS style rear flares which allows for 9" wheels in the rear. You can get 8" in the front and it makes for a mean and functional look.

The motor is an open check book. You can get a later 3.6" and take it easily to a 3.8lt, big torquey power for that chassis. Or upgrade the existing 3.2lt to 3.5lt or just leave it alone. With a chip and exhaust mods you will have a strong 3.2 lt with 240-250 hp. One perk is that chassis is set up for A/C and unless you go completely crazy it will remain a long distance grand touring car even with aggressive mods.
Thanks for the insights Rick. I certainly want to put together something that's fun to drive and not a trailer queen.