Wind speed! 500mph +

Mike Pass

The fastest r/c planes don't have engines but are wind powered. All about Radio controlled "gliders" and the sport of Dynamic Soaring

How it works

Dynamic Soaring with RC Gliders

Record speed 519mph for now....

Spencer, BSP, 519 MPH on Vimeo

Pretty dangerous. If you get hit.....! The stronger the wind the faster you go.
Circuit diameter about 400 feet. Super strong carbon fibre planes pull about 60g.

And you thought GT40s were fast.



Randy V

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A friend of mine who is into RC Planes like me tried this a couple years ago and threw in the towel as he kept wrecking planes... He said he was going to get a jet and slow down...
It is pretty amazing...

Terry Oxandale

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Seems like perpetual motion (drag being completely eliminated), but I suppose somehow the energy of the above-slope wind is adding more than drag consumes.