Woody's new project

Hi Guys
I'm Woody from New Zealand and this is the first stage of the build.
The body comes from Australia DRB in Brisbane, with the front and rear clips and doors hung. This suited me because Im an engine builder and fiberglass just makes me itchy, so I could get stuck straight into the nuts and bolts. In the suspenssion the upper and lower front A arms, stub axle and rear brake hub is mid 80's corvette. the rest Iv'e fabricated.
The transaxle (G50) is from a back door porch and is already shakin in its boots as the engine, albeit left over bits from a sprint car, will be 427cu-in
Fontana alloy block, Wilson electronic fuel injection CHI power pac heads and dry sumped. I'll be disapointed if it does any more than 5 miles to the gallon. With no emissions to worry about here in Kiwi land its all road legal.
Im lovin the project and the forum, Its good to bash gums with guys that have the same interests. I'll keep you posted. Have fun..


Pete McCluskey.

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Hi Woody, looks like you have made good progress already. Nice looking wheels, I look forward to the rest of your build. You will find a lot of very helpful people on here.
Thanks for the photos Pete. I was wondering if you have been brave enough to put a timeframe on the finish date, and whether your car will see the race track?

I assume since you live down that way that you will be attending the Festival of Speed at Hampton Downs or the following weekend at Pukekohe - bound to be a couple of GT40s there to help celebrate the Bruce McLaren anniversary weekend.


Cam Auckland, NZ
Thanks for the comments guys
I will defiantly will be at Hampton downs for the week end. It is said to be one of the largest meetings of F5000's in recent history. With cars from USA, Aussie, UK, etc If the weather holds out it will be a Buzz.
As for my Car, it will be track driven mostly but road registered for fun drives around the country. I would love to say inside a year I'll be driving it but I don't want to put that much presure on myself, I'm concentrating on getting it right. I'm enjoying the build making a lot of the components myself which also takes time. One of the biggest motiveators for me is that from my garage I can hear Pukekohe race track, Where the F5000 and Can-Am cars will be next week. The sound of thundering V8's beats the radio any day...:thumbsup:
Looks like you've got a great start on the project, nice looking front roll bar attachment, and it looks like you have quite a bit of anti-dive in that front suspension.
Good luck with the build and I also would be interested in seeing a closeup of that induction setup.
Pete very nice execution.

I´m not quite shure about the anti dive comment of Phil. Isn´t this more a pro-dive setup ( in braking it would dive in or ?)


Looks like you've got a great start on the project, nice looking front roll bar attachment, and it looks like you have quite a bit of anti-dive in that front suspension.
Good luck with the build and I also would be interested in seeing a closeup of that induction setup.
Hi Woody
Great work so far.

I like your front alloy upper shock mounts. Can I ask where you got them from? I would like to get a pair.

Thanks for the comments. the front roll bar is a used torsion bars from a sprint car. We have a few different spring rates lying around so I thought I would put them to use The alloy arm is made for the job. Can you elaberate on anti dive, I've not heard that term before. Basicly the A arms are mid 80's Corvette and the pick up points are the same so weather thats a good thing or a bad thing I'd be inerested to know.
The front shock mounts are fabricated from 3mm mild steel and then ceramic coated. I do have drawings if you are still interested.
The Intake is just a manifold at this stage I still need to get all the electronic gear, I'm used to full flow injection or carbs so this will be a whole new learning curve


Kevin Box


Thanks for posting pics of intake
Did you build it or did you get it from as supplier.
It is good to see a manifold that has a good entry to the head.
Typically Weber (IDA /IDF) end up with a double bend in the intake which is not so good
Sure your manifold doesnt look traditional but I think it is awesome way to do it.

I'll be interested to see how you go with that engine Combo. CHI 3Vs are awsome heads and should flow heaps enough for 427 combo.
All the things that Cleveland guys from years ago would liked to have got their hands on!!

What bore / stroke did you settle on? Is it 4.125 with 4.00 stroke ???
With the fontan block you should end up with a very light powerful combo.

Keep up the good work.


Anti-dive is basically a component of the placement of the upper or lower wishbones to create a lifting effect to counteract weight transfer during braking. You have no problem there, just looks like quite an angle on the upper mounts. That Corvette setup works well and looks good.
I had originally intended on using a sprint car anti-roll bar and always liked the look and linkage setups available.
Thanks for posting the photos on that intake. You should have quite a rocket when its done.
Thanks for that. A friend who races sprintcars took me for a spin in his corvette and I was impressed with the handling. I wouldn't get back in the car with that lunatic but I'm more than happy with this set up.
The roll bars are readily available and reasonably priced at most race shops ( speedway) and lots of different spring rates. They can be changed at the track in a matter of minutes, Its an easy way of changing the way the car rides on the day.
The suplier was Wilson manifolds in Melbourne Ast. Sure its not traditional but when I saw it I just had to have it! Just one of them deals.
The bore stroke ratio is 4.165 x 3.9 not quite 427 inches.
Your right about the cleavland guys, My brother had a Falcon XA coupe 351C he run in muscle car events 20 years ago man we blew up more engines than we had hot dinners. Aftermarket parts just wern't around then. with the cylinder heads we chopped off the exhaust port and screwed on an alloy plate, made cast tongues for the intake, all to raise the ports all new valve inserts to change the valve sizes machined for roller rockers and then all the porting etc etc they were a $10,000 exicize.
Today my CHI alloy heads are 700hp out of the box for $3000. Its a no-brainer really.
hi woody my name is tyrone and i'm just wondering if there is anyway you can help me with build plans for a gt40 cause i'm trying to build one as a father and son project car.

thank you
Hi Tyrone
There are many different kits available and everone chooses one for thier own reason. For me I choose A DRB kit from Brisbane Austraila. I believe there is a Dealer in USA. Google " DRB Sportscars " They will give you what you need from a base body and chassis kit with a build manual right through to a turn key driver. You can build the components yourself or buy them from the factory depending on ones level of ability.
I hope this helps.
Hi Guys, My new heads turned up from CHI today Couldn't wait to try them on for size. Looks good so far although I needed to cut the opening a little bigger to get the manifold in! and I've still got to fit air cleanners yet. do they make a Gurney bubble for the rear window:laugh:
Sorry M8 I put you wrong the manifold's been tucked away for sometime and I just draged it out today it's not a Wilson its a Morrision.:confused: