WTB:cav gt-40 frame plans

well this is my first post, i am looking for plans for a gt-40, well im looking for anything for a gt-40, I am looking to build one in the future and just scoping out prices, i live in canada. If anyone here use msn and can give some advice, my email is [email protected] just add me or post. thanks
I think ill try this again, I am looking for plans for a gt-40 frame but also looking for places that sells parts in North America.

Ron Earp


As you are new you might not be aware of CAV sells turn key minus cars. They do not sell frames to people or frame plans nor body parts. If you need these parts you might want to post in the for sale and wanted forum. However, I can tell you that I do not know of any companies that sell plans for GT40 frames. There are some that sell body parts in the UK, but none that I know of in the US.
Thanks for all the info. I dont remimber seeing a WTB part to this website, but ill look again. I have a body scouted out in the us as we speak. But have you ever built any? my dad and I can fabricate something for a body if we could get like a good picture even of a frame. Im going to post another post here for some other stuff too. Thanks for everything so far, i hope one day, i can be cruising around in a gt-40

Ron Earp

a lot of us here are building cars but are using a frame and body supplied to us. It is highly doubtful you'll find anyone willing to let you dimension the frame as it is propriatary information to the manufacturer. Most of whom are on this board. You may want to think seriously about that as you could purchase a body and frame from a manufacturer and have a well engineered design.