Xtrac Transaxle

The Panoz and Cadillac endurance race teams use the Xtrac transaxle. Information can be found at www.xtrac.com. The specs are mentioned below and which also states a road version is planned. I will e-mail them to inquire.


6 Speed sequential or H pattern gear selection.

1st and 2nd Layshaft gears are integral, 3rd to 6th are slide on.

Gear teeth are 20mm wide straight cut on 90 mm centres.

A wide range of ratios are available.

Gear ground and super polished ratios (Xtrem Process) are available for 24-hour races if required.

Gearbox casing material is Magnesium and all casting joint faces have 'O'-Ring seals.

Differential is the Xtrac Viscous Combined Plate (VCP) with a choice of ramp angles, plate settings and Visco settings. Plate type only differential can be supplied.

Straight cut gear ground Drop Gears on 94 mm centres.

Clutch shaft to suit customer installation is included.

Reverse gear is sliding idler gear type.

Hard cut Klingelnberg Crownwheel and Pinion. Ratio = 9:31.

Xtrac manufactured Output flanges are included to suit GI 87 size Tripode joints.

Lubrication is via single stage lubrication pump.

Most components are manufactured in Xtrac's own grade of steel (X36C). Bevel sets, final drives and pinions are manufactured in Xtrac's vacuum melted steel (XVAR1), using the post heat treatment gear grinding or hard cutting process for greater accuracy and longer life. Highly stressed components are shot peened.

Weight 72-76Kg dependent on specification.

A Road Car Synchromesh helical gear version is planned."

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Nice bit of kit, but just looking at it visually, it would appear that the output shafts are mounted quite far back in the casing; ie fair distance from the bell housing mounting plane. This may mean that the overall length from front of engine may be so long that you would have to angle the halfshafts back (not good). Still looks the business but bet it'll be a small fortune
Thanks for doing all this footwork in trying to find a good source for a ZF comparable 6 speed transaxle. Eventually something will turn up within a reasonable price range.
The Saleen S7R race car designed and produced here in the UK by Ray Mallock Ltd also runs an Xtracs unit. In road car form the Saleen uses a ZF 5DS25/5 derived transaxle supplied in a modified 6 speed form by RBT in California.