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OK, I know there is a Jaguar bias and many of you live outside the UK, but GT40 forum subscribers are invited to see & hear "The 13" and other classic racecars - including examples of Jaguar's iconic cars as they circulate round Curborough's small and friendly Sprint Circuit in Staffordshire, UK. We hope to include examples of the cars Jaguar's XJ13 should have squared up against in 1965/66 onwards - the mighty GT40 as well as those sublime Ferraris.

We will be joined on the day by original Jaguar XJ13 Project Team members, ex-Jaguar VIPs, representatives of the Sayer family and fellow-enthusiasts.

Tuesday 9th August 2016
11am - 4pm
Curborough Sprint Circuit, Staffordshire, UK

ENTRANCE TO THIS INFORMAL GATHERING IS BY INVITATION ONLY. If you are interested in joining us please message me and request an invite. You can also make contact by clicking here - MAKE CONTACT

There is no charge for admission.

Come and join us! - preferably with your classic Jaguar, GT40, Le Mans Ferrari, etc - replicas welcome.

Join us to celebrate two anniversaries:

* 50 years since Jaguar's stillborn XJ13 Le Mans Prototype racecar first ventured out of the Competition Department in Coventry. Sadly, the original car was destined never to turn a wheel in anger.


* 100 years since the birth of design genius Malcolm Sayer - designer of Jaguar's iconic classic race-cars, C-Type, D-Type, E-Type and XJ13.

Some of the cars already confirmed:

Pearson's D-Type

9600 HP - the Geneva Press Car and most famous E-Type
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