You Just Never Know

who you will run into. I was at a local car show Saturday when an elderly man came up and started talking to me. He said his brother drove GT40s at LeMans. I asked his name and he said he is Riddelle Gregory, brother of Mastin Gregory. Mastin drove one of the first three GT40s (GT102, 103 or 104) with Richie Ginther at LeMans in 1965. There car was blowing everthing else away until the 6th hour when the trans broke. I knew that Mastin Gregory was from Kansas City, Missouri. I've read that Shelby considered Mastin Gregory as one of the fastest drivers to go to Europe to race. He got his brother Riddelle into racing. He told me a story where he was racing at Pebble Beach in the 50's. Mastin had stuffed his '54 Ferrari in a wall during practice. Phil Hill was also there. He had an ulcer at the time and his doctor told him he couldn't race for a year. So Riddelle's crew was Mastin Gregory and Phil Hill, and he won the race. He said the highlight of his career was beating Shelby in a race in the 50's. He actually lives in the same town as I do and I plan to pick him up sometime to give him a ride. I love when older guys say, "this car really takes me back". That's better than any car show trophy to me. I can't wait to hear more stories from those days.