Zero miles - GTD40 for sale... *SOLD*

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Firstly I should say I am posting this on behalf of a friend... Don't worry, all will become clear and I have already spoken with Ron Earp about this and cleared it with him, so no shouts about rules being broken please...

OK - For anyone that remembers the GTD40 Club and it's magazine, you will no doubt recall that Rita and Tony Gordine made an excellent job of editing / producing the club magazine for a number of years and also acted as club events co-ordinators too. Well this advert is being placed on behalf of them. I keep in contact with them both and despite using the computer for the odd bit of googling and emails, they are not exactly 'computer savvy', actually, Tony is a self-confessed computer illiterate and it is up to Rita to deal with any google requests that he has and also deal with the odd email from family and friends. SO, I have set the scene as to why I am placing this advert BUT further than that your any subsequent dealings will be directly with Rita and Tony and I have already paid a membership donation on their behalf to the forum to cover the fact that only members can place such adverts. I hope that satisfies all......

I should add that Tony has built several GTDs and other replica's in the past and does build them to a high standard.



Standard 302ci block - fitted with Edelbrock Performance RPM Alloy Cylinder heads. Valves are operated by roller rockers and hydraulic lifters and the camshaft is a competition cams item. A high performance water pump has been fitted together with Edelbrock Aluminium High top rocker covers.

MSD Street Fire unit triggered by a Mallory Competition distributor.

Edelbrock Quad Bore 600CFM with Edelbrock Performance air filter. This is fed by twin facet red top fuel pumps and filters. With this specification Edelbrock state that circa 374hp would be produced at 5000rpm.

5-SPEED Renault UN1

Halibrand look-alikes 15" fitted with Goodrich Comp T/A front and rear.

This is fully adjustable for Camber, Caster and Toe and the car is fitted with SPAX adjustable dampers all round. As usual it is via A-Arms and all suspension arms are fully chromed. Rear uprights are the improved Southern GT items supplied by Mick Sollis.

The front units are competition 6-POT units by Wilwood, fitted with road-spec pads and ventilated Wilwood discs. The rear brakes are cross-drilled discs with Ford callipers that include handbrake mechanism.

The car has just been completed and is about to go for IVA inspection and hence is not currently fitted with the Aston styled fuel filler caps. Additionally the steering wheel is padded and the dashboard has an aluminium plate, both to be removed for correct items after IVA.

Freshly finished in Magnolia Leather with green piping and stitching. The carpet is also green by Wilton. Fire extinguishers front and rear.

A complete aircon system is included although not currently installed (pipes have been run where required and composite blower/heater is also in place)

The GT40 will be setup for comfortable road use and as at this moment has ZERO miles on the Speed/Odometer.

The pictures show the 40 with the number plate blanked as it is a private plate and not for inclusion so another can be provided for UK purchasers.

To discuss the car or ask any questions about it, please contact Tony Gordine directly as per below:

Home Phone: +44 (0)1903 726787
Mobile Phone: +44 (0)7780 660609
Email: [email protected]

Price - Circa £35K Shipping worldwide can be accommodated, just ask.

(note - after sale of the car I will remove the above contact details to avoid spam - PaulT)


Re: Zero miles - GTD40 for sale...

If I am doing the adjustment to $US correctly, isn't this a very low price for this car?

Howard Jones

Re: Zero miles - GTD40 for sale...

VERY its not very low. I would say that its on the low end of the range for GTD's but not foolishly low. My guess both parties would end up with a fair deal.

Robert S.

GT40s Supporter
Re: Zero miles - GTD40 for sale...

I think it's a great looking car, and a steal of a deal for those within a decent distance.

I have no criticisms of the car, but only made a few minor observations.

As for Motor Vehicle Departments in the rest of the world, especially Kalifornia, that always remains to be seen.

The sequence of picts first showed large side view mirrors without window glazing. Photos near the end showed Talbot type fender mounted mirrors and window glazing was present. One might wonder which circumstance is the current one.

At first blush, I loved the headers, especially their soft sweeping bends with no apparent ugly welds. Then I think I noticed that they are not plumbed 180 degrees - no crossovers to opposite collectors. That may be a question for some, or not.

I enjoyed your written piece, and good luck to you and your friends with this endeavor! Robert


Re: Zero miles - GTD40 for sale...

The first wing mirros look like they are there for IVA compliance which also explains no windows. Its easier to get IVA approval this way. Therefore the picture with the windows is the one to consider as what you are buying. True the exhaust is a non cross over item. Quite a few GTDs are built that way. On a street car like this the real difference will be the noise is slightly different to a cross over system. I have seen Tony's work before and he builds nice cars.
Re: Zero miles - GTD40 for sale...

That’s a really nice well finished car. I don’t think I’ve ever seen engine bay mounted clutch & master cylinder reservoirs before!

Unfortunately, even though the vehicle is to be supplied with IVA compliant mirrors, it may not pass the latest requirements. The fail point is not strictly the mirrors, it’s the side windows.

From the latest IVA document Section 45 (Safety Glass) now has the additional note added:

Note 6: The fitting of window ‘glass’ is not mandatory but where fitted it must be assessed according to the required standards and if it is obvious the window has been deliberately removed for the purpose of the test then the window can be considered missing.
To confirm that the window has been deliberately removed an examiner should ensure that there are no window mechanisms, runners etc. or other window fixings that would indicate that a window should be fitted. If it is clear that, without modification, a window can be fitted then the window is to be considered missing.

Therefore if a ’40 is presented for test with the doors drilled to accept side windows, it will tested accordingly and the proposed IVA mirrors will not be accepted as they cannot be adjusted from the drivers seat (through the side windows which aren’t there, but should be due to their mounting holes)

Bizarre, I know, but that’s the latest rules

The only saving grace is if the IVA spec mirrors are electric

Please don’t see this as a dig at the original builder; it’s not. I saw it as a way of highlighting another issue in our wonderful legislation process……..

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