zf-0 clutch slave arm


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This is the original lever set-up as depicted in the JWE GT40 parts manual.
(note :the slave cylinder nipple orientation is slightly different and the updated safety return dowel is missing in this shot)


Paul sent me a standard Pantera lever which can be modified to suit. It's much too short (as is the forged one above) so you would need to lengthen it and it crank it slightly. The good news is that you can use a Rose joint so that you won't need the return spring or safety stop as shown in JimmyMac's original type set up.

Having said that, if I could get hold of one, I would use the original.


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Thank you gentlemen for your responses. I have also discussed the position of the slave with Frank Catt and most of the racing gt's have the slave mounted horizontally a little further aft on the gearbox, I assume a crank is then positioned where the slave originally seated to convert the now horizontal slave cylinder movement to vertical onto the arm. I can also use a rose joint as Graham said.

James, thanks for the photo, I did a search and found info on the correct Girling slave and will order one this week. I also read that the VW was too short and had virtually no spline on it!!!!. The setup photo is very useful as I can now see what geometry the arm needs to work. Your build log is and has been for a long time my build manual.

With bellhousing, box and block now in my possession I am about to dry mount the engine gearbox for the first time and sort out the position of the gearbox ears to crossmember locations. I will try Lloyd (and Paul) for an original and will discuss further with Frank possible relocation.

I have grade 8 bolts on order for the bellhousing mounting and as threatened in my build log, after 8 years of very slow parts procurement might actually be bolting some stuff together very soon..... its been a long time coming.....
A friend of mine have a real one (or believe to be) he didn't use for his build...I can ask if he still has it and wants to sell...
Me think the ZF-0 which was initially on the chassis he bought (disappeared long time before his purchase), started a new life somewhere (but forget to go with its slave arm !)...
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Pierre, I would appreciate you asking if it still exists.

James, Again thanks for the photo.

If I go down the re-manufacture route I would probably change the end of the arm, as I see it the arm is a cup that is pushed by the cylinder, a return spring is required to keep the cup in contact with the cylinder on the return stroke and a safety stop is included.

A rose joint would simplify the assembly as Graham said.

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I think I will use this arm and locate the cylinder horizontally behind the output shaft of the trans, not original but neither is my car :-0

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Ordered my Pantera forged steel arm, originals (on the Pantera) were cast iron and caused a few problems, cheapest was from Australia!!!!

Also pics of the slave mounting original style on the bellhousing and a shot of the left side rear of the box showing attachment points for a plate to hold the slave cylinder.


I am a bit too busy with my personal projects.

But if you are about 10 in the need of these parts, a 3D model of it shouldn't be a big issue.
THen lost wax casting in high grade steel.

The challenging point would be the splines machining...