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Hi Bob,

Congrats on the car. I been looking at RCR and Ardern cars for the GT40.
Could you share pricing with me at all? Their web site doesn't really mention anything regarding that.

Thank you,

Hi Bill
Hope you are well.
You posted a small picture of the rear of the GT40 camera car from the Le Mans movie a few years ago. Im trying to find a higher resolution version of that image.
Can you by any chance recall where you got that image from? Ive never seen that shot before.
Email me if you can please.
Many thanks
[email protected]
Hi Danny,
I hope you are well.
Could you please contact me as I have just read your olf forum posting about the GT40 during the filming of Le Mans movie and I'd love to hear from you to get as much detail on everything you know , and I'd love to see any more photos you have. Paul Kinghan +44 7710 425177 [email protected].
Thank you!
Hows the GT40 project going? I should have my chassis/body soon - likely in Auckland harbour right now in the queue on the water like so many other container ships. So rear suspension - I recall reading your post about the changes Dave made with lvvta to remove/reduce rear bump etc. Do you know if Dave still sells the uprights? etc.
Forgot to add yes have my chassis body now arrived 4th Dec tue got out of customs jail 15th so got it home on 16th just in time for Xmas
Hi Mike,
How good is it getting your car from customs. It look good.
Unfortunately I don't know where the bell housing was sourced from as it came with the car.
I guess if you end up in a dead end we could look to have a mold cast from mine.
I managed to get some time on the car last week which was great.
If it's easier you can call me on 021 688 208
I was sent your details by JimmyMac about the headlamp hardware and i emailed you. Did you receive the email?
Hi! What is his email/ was he able to arrange parts for you? Thanks!, Doug
Hi Dough,
I reached him through [email protected]
Also send him a direct message on this forum to which he replied.
Hi Doug, Welcome to the GT40 world! To answer your question about the upgraded suspension the answer is yes. Please send me an email with some pics and details about your car to: [email protected] I'll send you some pics from the workshop, all very exciting stuff. Cheers Ian
Hi Mike welcome to the 23 club, i also have one i scratch built from a few pics, and have a Honda K20 type R mated to an inverted Subaru 5 speed box in the back. boy i'm envious of your cad skills, and i wish i could have got hold of a few measurements, i got most of mine by scaling off pics using the wheels as a datum, here is a link to mine, cheers John
click on the pic then choose albums and go to the 23
cheers john.
Very nice built !!!!! Congratulations :)
Hi, Dusty, I plan the same configuration for my project. Dartblock engine with 5,4 ltr. and Graziano gearbox. Could you explain to me what you use to connect the two? That would be very helpful for me. I don't have a plan at the moment, which adapter plate, clutch etc. cheers Hans
I was planning on using the adapter plate and flywheel superlite was going to send with the kit. A stock Audi R8 clutch or possibly upgraded
Hey watch out for Brian Wood, he put me in contact with a guy for parts, now neither of them are answering their emails