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Barry Pybas from WIlkesboro, NC. I bought your Kindle SLC build book yesterday, which led me to this forum. Am in the mode you related in your Introduction, where I've researched several cars including the Beck 904, Ultima Evo, FF 818. I would like to see your car and get a sense for how well it fits my 6'4" size, and better understand what you have done. Best regards, Barry 386-847-2871 [email protected]
Hi Lynn, I'm looking for a GTD40 VIN plate to be made up. Do you still do these? Based in the UK by the way.
Hi Ken, I think I'd like to take the spindles and a set of hubs..... perhaps both but I have a couple of questions. If you would call we can arrange payment.

253 474 6536

[email protected]
Hi Graham, hope you are OK. Is there any progress on the body shell since we last spoke? I`m keen to move to that stage now and was hoping things were a bit closer. My numbers are Mobile 07582471190 and home 01270781123 I can`t always get to it quickly enough but will reply to messages, thanks Graham, Kev Farrington
Just like to say a thank you for all your help & advice regarding fasteners. Ed.
hi Elliot, would you be selling the center plastic roof air vent? the one that goes under the louvers on the roof, inside the cabin, if you are please let me know, thanks
Tony the GTD chassis plates (the black style) were 4" x ! 1/4" x 1/16" thick. Lynn Miner ,on this forum was able to supply them and various other styles for about $20 plus postage. Check under "Repo Vin Plate" and see what you can find.
Hi Franky my Address is .... John Cohen ......... 62 Carisbrooke Avenue ...... Clacton on sea ..... Essex ..... co154sa ... UK ...

I will get the payment done tomorrow ... i s your steering wheel leather covered ..

Thank you John..
Hi John, i have covered the steering wheel with leather and alcantara. At the 12:00 h position i have intecrate 3 leather stripes with the gulf coulours. How much logos do you want?
Hi Graham, regarding your message to my post regarding T70 Wheels, my number is 07540707125, Cheers Kevin
Hello, thanks for your interest, that encourages me to continue.

It is a monocoque replica, I have done all this while watching images online, mainly those on this website, I have never had a technical drawing plan. In this there has been a lot of passion and thousands of hours of study before making the workshop plan. However, when something is your passion, everything is possible.


I just posted pics on the build thread area if you want to take a look but beware you will probably fall in love. Just like I did.
Joel, like you I always thought the gt40 looked cool and is a rare site. I bought a CAV and made it the really badass. I am use to cobras, and old mustang. The gt40 is a handful and hard to get use to with all the power in the back. Mine has efi and 600hp, 15" wide racing Avon tires, correct look, but will go for 140k. I have close to 150 into it and new ones without motor and trans sell for 120. I could send pics?
Has anyone put Gurney Eagle valve covers on a CAV with a 302 had any clearance problems with exhaust system
I think I have one that I did not need to use because a friend with tons of experience helped me align mine. I will be in my shop tomorrow and will let you know. You can have it if I have one.
[email protected]
Mark that sounds like a plan if you send it to me I will send back a check for the delivery my address is Larry Kishel 247 Buttonwood Drive Feasterville Pa 19053
Rufus i'll take it although I don't need the compressor I think I can pass it along to the other forum. Call me at 253 474 6536 and we can discuss shipping and form of payment. Richard
Richard, Got the payment in PayPal. Thanks. I'll ship tomorrow and forward the tracking info. Rufus