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Interested in your GTD40...any additional information/photos? What is that on the back window?
Hi. Someone put those ugly air scoops on the window. I replaced the back window though.
What's your email? I'll send you pictures.
Hi Ron,
I´m 30 kilometers from Offenburg. Since 5 Years owning the superformance P2164, when you stay next time in Offenburg would be nice to give me an ring:
07831 7474 or e-mail [email protected], perhaps we can meet and talk about the GT40.
Regards Ulrich
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Ron Earp
Ron Earp
That would be fantastic! I know Offenburg and some of the surrounding towns pretty well. Last time I was over, end of August and September 2019, I was at the motorcycle races in Gengenbach. One of the races team I know some crew, and, our companies' machinist builds some of the 500cc engines used in the race series. Good fun but it was a very hot day!
Hi there, I´m new to this forum and looking for a roll cage for a CAV GT 40 or some pics to see what´s possible. I have a winsor 427 equipped CAV GT40 with dry sump oil system and some changes to make it a reliable and fast track tool. I guess a cage should be on my to-do-list for the future and hope to get some infos. Thanks for any hints T.T.
Hi Morten,
Its Marcus here blue CAV from Spa trip.....festive greetings to you....:)
I saw the add for the wide rear Southern GT rear a matter of interest is is still for sale...?
I have someone I know in South Africa looking for one.....?
Thanks for letting me know
Marcus 07881433405

I have just purchased a RCR Ferrari P4 330 kit that was begun about 10 years ago, has much of the basic assembly started. I know the driver's side of the chassis is wider but am contemplating making it a right-drive vehicle and will be looking for a RHDrive steering rack and dash cover to support the gauges. Is this the sort of sight I might look for and inquire for these sort of components ? Thanks !
HI Allan:
I just joined this site because im looking for my next kit car to build and i was thinking serious of building this one. I have build 1 prior a FFR CObra roadster. Any insight you can give me is appreciated. I think the price you have it for sale would barely cover the cost to build it. Mark Coulter
Hi Tom. Thanks for the image of the bar. I'm just waiting on a quote from Superformance for their kit , I suspect it wont be cheap ! Meantime , can I ask a couple of question about your bar? What diameter is it ? What material is it ? , does it require heat treatment ? What sort of money are you looking for it ? , many thanks
jason [email protected]
Hi Nick.
Hope you managed to sell your beautiful GT40.
I am embarking on my own build here in the UK. Can tell me what your rear Avon’s are? Are they the historic rain tyres, what size tyre & wheel?
You said your rear is the Gulf rear with correct wheel offset. Can u help me out? what is the offset? Do you mean a 3inch fender extension either side?
Richard, you mentioned that you have two extra bodies...I might be interested. I would need to know the, how much fiddling would I have to do to make it fit my car (SPF). Also, what part of the country are you in? I'm in Cali.
-thanks, Ron
Hi Ron, I am in the Seattle area. Of the two bodies one is used (white) and the other never been mounted (black). Fiberglass work will be needed but not much.
E mail me @ [email protected] and I can send you some pictures.

253 474 6536
Mark, it looks like I would like to get three items from you...coolant tank, swirl pot and surge tank. give me a call at 253 474 6536 and I can arrange payment.
Hi Richard, I have some strange hours at work so messaging is best for me if you don't mind. I replied to your other message that the swirl pot/surge tank is the same item. If you can let me know your zip code for shipping I'll let you know the price and you can just paypal me the amount. Thanks!
Hi Rick, I'm Back after some serious eye surgeries. All better now. I hope time has been good to you.
Grady Wilson TA152
Mark IV
Mark IV

Good to hear from you. Glad all is going better.
Hi, looking to purchase the body alignment pins and receivers, just seeing if you still make those, thanks