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Re: Buying a used car in the UK

Some friends of mine are moving to the UK for two years (she got into a program at West Dean College). While they're in the UK, they'll need an inexpensive car. Does anyone have any suggestions for how they should get a car? Should they lease a car? If they buy a used car, do the taxes get cheaper if the car is over a certain age? (anyone want to sell them a car for two years?)

p.s. Does anyone know of any job openings for an experienced sys admin near Chichester? While she's at school, he'll need a job.

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A job? Hmmm, unless he has the right documentation, I fear there will be little or no opportunity for that unless he goes into the Black Economy which is risky to say the least. The right kind of documentation starts in the US not in the UK. (You cannot become legal from illegal if you get my meaning.)I take it by Sys Admin you mean Systems Analyst (UK term) and therefore IT? IBM have a major HQ at Havant less than 10 miles away from Chi, and they are a major employer in the area, if he already has the necessary permits. If not perhaps there could be an "exchange" visit arranged your end? Intercompany exchanges are the simplest and fastest way of circumventing each country's immigration work laws. I wish him luck...

I too had to battle US Immigration work laws in the '80's when I lived in Huntsville Alabama for several years. Had to fly back to the UK several times to sort it out. The US and UK play immigration "tag" with each other. "You block our guys, so we'll block yours" kind of thing. It can be a real mess.
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