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Re: Gibbo's TS40, formaly of the home of the originals

Originally Posted by roclery View Post
Nice work so far, Ant.

What's the swing on the lathe, and what sort of price?

Richard, its a 7x12 mini lathe
the ebay shop always has some Mini Lathe with Digital Readout on eBay Lathes, Metalworking Milling Welding, Business, Office Industrial (item 190133478150 end time 29-Jul-07 16:31:27 BST)

used it so far for lots of spacers, running holes through bolts (for mounting indicators on a locost), gas pedal mount, steering boss conversion (corsa C to Mountney with a quick release hub) and it will make the boss cover and machineing the gearchange, including the knob if i can make a radius tool. now i have one i want more. trying to persuade my kitcar making friends to get a mill so we have a full complement!!

this link is to what i have,

Body work has arrived home in the rain so lack of photos. First things first is fit the dash and make sure there is enough room for me and the Corsa steering column.

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