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Big Brembos and Custom Dog Bones

I just wanted to share these pics of the custom made dog bones RF had machined up for me. I'm running 360mm rotors and big Brembo callipers, so getting them inside a 17" wheel was always going to be a stretch.

Drawn on CAD, then sent to RF to decipher and turn into these guys.

The bones came up great, and I have at least 3mm between the outer calliper face and the inside of the rim! Too easy.

The machining for these items looks great, and RF were kind enough not to sting my arse on the price. Cheers.
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Big Brembos and Custom Dog Bones-p1040981-jpg   Big Brembos and Custom Dog Bones-p1040979-jpg   Big Brembos and Custom Dog Bones-p1040976-jpg   Big Brembos and Custom Dog Bones-p1040975-jpg  
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