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Re: The delights of owning an English sports car.

My first British car (a TR6) came when i was 18 years old. I bought it new (pumped at lot of gas and mowed a lot of lawns) and was a wonderful car to throw about. After two years someone offered me more than it was worth so i bought a new TVR 2500M with the help of my fathers signature. With the TR6 drivetrain in a lighter package this car was tons of fun to drive. It came new with pre-corroded electrical terminals with the famous Lucas smoke package. I credit this car with developing my uncanny sense of being able to fix any electrically powered item ever made (refrigerators, vending machines, injection molding machines, you name it.) This car came to an untimely end when a judges wife rear ended it while it was parked and deposited half of the car on my neighbors lawn. (strangely no police report was ever filed and the judge showed up with a check to cover the damage and then some). Hmmmm...... After a 25 year gap in British cars i bought a Mini. I did a full restoration including a modern wire harness and a 1380cc powerplant dynoed at 116hp. This is the most fun i ever had in a car. There was not a Civic in town that could beat it off the line. Initially my son (6'2", 260 pounds) thought it was a stupid car until he took it to school. The girls loved it and it became "his" car through high school. It became the school mascot and was driven onto the football field during home games with his jersey number on the doors. Wonderful times.

I have nothing British at the moment but do know where there is a TR3 that has not run in over 20 years. I should make a call.
I have GT40 dreams on a Mini pocketbook
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