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Re: Which is the real M3/1101...?

Originally Posted by jazzyspies View Post
I love the intrigue!

Assuming a LHD to RHD conversion would require a new bulkhead and floorpan, plus RH inner sill for gearshift mechs. This would leve a large amount of old useless tub. I say "useless", but didn't the learned Brian Wingfield once say if you had 30% of the original tub, then you had the original car? If so, we might have be left with either two 1103s.. SHOCK!

Didn't the blue JDC car come 3rd place at this year's Pebble Beach?

Too many questions and not enough answers!

Regards.. Andrewi
It uses the same floor pan and bulkhead. It's more a case of what is left out such as the seat pans so there is no place for the "normal" gearshift to sit. The major change for the conversion is the steering column mounting and the rack mounting.

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