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Re: Windshield interchange

Hi Darrin

Sorry, late to the party. I am building a replica as well, so also have the issues of windscreens.
As I understand it the originals had a pressed or hand formed steel roof section and therefore have considerably different “A pillars” to those that are on fibre glass reproductions as found on many of the replicas. I am unsure of how the roof sections for the ERA, RCR and Pace have been made. These are all fibre glass reproductions if what I have read is correct, so I expect that there is some differences between the original steel shape. Ie considerably thicker A pillars to get the required strength in the fibre glass. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they use a KVA roof section or profiles that are similar and this has been massaged into the rest of the body lines. I will probably be in trouble for writing that, I want to help but not sure how I can being so far from your location. I feel anything I say may get me in more trouble rather than actually help you. Maybe get in contact with Jason and see if he ever had a roaring forties screen in his RF? That may give you an indication.

I have seen some photos of two different screens laid on top of each other. One supposedly to fit an original car that was in Australia and the other to fit the fibreglass versions. The differences are minor, at most 10mm difference, and would be easy to account for prior to paint, but difficult after paint. I know where the photos were taken as well so know the source of the screens.

I have some photos on my face book page of one of the screens that I have sourced in my roof section. I believe that my roof section could possibly be traced back to the KAV origins. It certainly has some of the characteristics.

The screen that I have is from a company out of china. As I understand it, they have procured a lot of the moulds from the former PGI industries in Queensland.

The screen I have is damaged and the rear screen has a silly blue strip across the top. I am on the hunt for some screens in Australia.

Good luck.

Regards Ryan
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