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Re: Rear tire size question and 2"/4" flares......

Tyre/wheel sizes all differ from what offset you will run, which uprights, suspension arms, which chassis etc. I have 295 avons on one MK2 which I have shortened the initial track to squeeze my tyres inside the arches. On my Mk1 with 2" arches I have same 295s, and it works ok with ally uprights on these Southern GTs. All 6 peg knock on one piece rims RBM/Halibrands. I would measure up everything and see what wheels will fit. For sure 4" Gulf arches, approx 80" across the arches will need some wider wheels, like 14" I'd recon. But it all depends on offset and uprights setup.

Link to measuring the rims/ offset etc
Alloy Wheel Technical - Image Wheels

Good luck
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