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Wink Re: Weber Carbs for fuel injection?

Al, why in your 58mm model do you not make a TB that is similar in appearance to a 58mm Weber, or in the 48mm version the same as an IDA. In the Replica market its 90% the look factor that sells, eg; Halibrands-Webers-180 exhausts etc.
If someone builds a GT40 replica with 15" Nascar Rims, 4bbl Rochester,& Cast Iron Exhausts they would get laughed out of the building. Fit the Halibrands-Webers-180 exh and the same people would be all over the car.
While your setup 'as is' is OK, it does not 'float my boat'----package it as a 58mm Weber look-a-like and retain all the attributes of the electronic injection and you would have a winner, Would I buy it, nah- but I think a few of the other punters on this forum would, or should
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