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RBT Trans - Lloyd Butfoy - Anyone contact him recently?

Hey guys,

I already read the thread from a year or two ago that said Lloyd is hard to get a hold of sometimes, but is totally worth the effort it takes to get a hold of him. I'm getting ready to order my RCR40 from Fran soon, and trying to get all my ducks in a row for vendors for all the other parts.

Do we know if Lloyd is alright? Is RBT still in business? I've called him on the phone number on his website and left messages twice. Emails to [email protected] get bounced back saying it was un-deliverable and it is a permanent error. His website's internal messaging says the message will be addressed as soon as possible.

I live in Austin, TX. I know the company that makes the gearboxes for RBT is somewhere here. Is RBT the only source to buy these from in the US? I want to do business with Lloyd, but want to consider a backup option in case I can't get through to him.

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