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Old 4th January 2010, 09:48 AM   #1
Professor Plumpe
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Supporters of Democracy Care to Comment?

Supprters of Democracy rather than Democrats. I'm sure it's the same thing but I would like Republicans/Conservative views too:

Islamic leader intent on Wootton Bassett march
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Old 4th January 2010, 10:14 AM   #2
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Re: Supporters of Democracy Care to Comment?


I'm neither one thing or the other politically, but if I had to pidgeonhole myself I'd say that I am slightly right of centre.

Freedom of speech is a tricky business. If I invert the question, then would 500 white british people be allowed to march against the views held by Mr Chowdry? I fear that they would not be able to under current incitement laws.

But this is slanted and unfair. Mr Chowdry's aim is incitement from beginning to end. The fact that he has chosen to use Wootton Bassett only enhances this. It is a cynical, disgusting ploy which demeans the point that the good people of the town have been making in honouring the dead.

Public debate is not what he is ultimately looking for IMHO.

HOWEVER... yes, he has the right to march under current laws, and as such must be allowed to. I just hope the white supremacist far right don't get too lairy as this will play straight into his hands (which I'm sure is part of the march's raison d'etre).

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Old 4th January 2010, 11:44 AM   #3
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Re: Supporters of Democracy Care to Comment?

Since laws are different in other counties, I'm not sure regarding the UK laws. However, several years ago a Nazi group planned a march through Skokie, a predominantly Jewish community. The community attempted to prevent it, but it was upheld as their right to "peacefully march". My feelings are, and Germany's example illustrates, that if you attempt to suppress something, it grows larger...but unnoticed. I would prefer to know who "they" are. I felt that the community was over reacting since there were far less than 100 Nazis and 1000s times more people in the community. Pretty unlikely they would have any opportunity to do anything than parade around like clowns, which they did. For those outside the US, the Nazi movement here can't even get arrested, and their numbers are declining.
The experience in Germany is,that after WW2 they instituted some of harshest anti-Nazi laws in the world, yet reports indicate that they have the largest growing one. It's hard to have open debate about "ideas" that need changed if they are forced into hiding those beliefs so that they can't be discussed. I'm not myopic,either, I understand that some people will die with their beliefs intact..regardless of whether anyone else feels the same. However, many people can be shown,how maybe...there's a better way. But if their position is trivialized/demonized, they are unlikely to be open to any discussion.
Maybe the 2nd ammendment makes me feel that way
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Old 4th January 2010, 01:20 PM   #4
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Charlie Farley
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Re: Supporters of Democracy Care to Comment?

Perhaps the people of the town should shut the shops and stay at home.
let the march pass through.
My personal opinion would be to remove the town's christmas decorations hung through the high street and replace them with illuminated depictions of their prophet getting friendly with cattle. Give the marchers a proper welcome !

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Old 4th January 2010, 03:36 PM   #5
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Re: Supporters of Democracy Care to Comment?

As Andy says, maybe the best way to show your/our feelings about this legal demonstration is to 'send them to coventry'.

The knee jerk reaction to this tactic maybe that we are giving in to them.. but I think it may actually be the only way of showing your opinion as if you did watch and let the blood rise and shouted something at them, they are the ones with the 'legal backing' as they got their paperwork in first, you would only be 'inciting hatred'...

The march is to make a point in front of as much media coverage as possible and the hope of a small group taking offence and without thinking it through, attacking the march.

Well if nobody was there, would they not look silly, demonstrating to empty streets, the Police officers minding the route have to be there so don't count.

Would be really nice if the national media stayed away as well so the only coverage they get is a couple of inches in a local free paper that the locals will use to line the cages of their pets or wrap their fish and chips in.
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