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    Audi 01X transmission

    The 0A2/0A3 are the same design of transmission. 0A2 is 2 wheel drive and 0A3 is all wheel drive. The axle base you speak of regarding engineering of gears is the called the center distance, at least in the USA.
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    Audi Quattro AWD

    Good isn't cheap, and cheap isn't good. Good luck with your quest.
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    Audi Quattro AWD

    The V10 Audi engine is junk. Camshaft failure is common, which destroys a very expensive engine.
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    01E first and second straight cut gearset

    It depends on how the gears are engineered.
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    Audi Quattro AWD

    The quattro drivetrain mounts the engine significantly forward of the front axle, which would make engine placement in another chassis very difficult, not to mention the handling drawbacks of having the engine overhang the front axle by more than 2 feet.
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    Audi AWD dimensions

    There are some 016 projects on GrabCAD.
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    Is active?

    Its pretty much dead. The administrators have abandoned it. I can't even change my password.
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    Audi 01E Technical Info

    There are numerous errors on that site and it doesn't have much factual information on the Front wheel drive units.
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    01E first and second straight cut gearset

    For the same tooth profile helical gears will be stronger, however straight cut gears allow the tooth root to be much thicker which increases strength. Straight cut gears are also more efficient as there is no thrust force produced like in Helical gears.
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    Transmission Oil Pump

    If you opt for the 01E gearbox, a diff pump housing can be used, which moves fluid to a cooler and back when the vehicle is in motion.
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    01E in top gear will yield approx 2200-2400 rpm at 80mph with a 25 inch tall tire.
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    Audi 016 strenghtening plate ??

    Having a limited slip has nothing to do with a plate installed or not, in fact with a limited slip diff you may have more stress placed on the pinion shaft.
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    UN1 vs Audi 01E or 01X vs Boxster/Cayman gearbox

    Eric is correct about the dimensions.
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    UN1 vs Audi 01E or 01X vs Boxster/Cayman gearbox

    The 5 speed 01E is much more difficult to locate, and 01X's are all 6 speeds. No the 016 is not an earlier version of the 01E. It' not been done to my knowledge, but that doesn't mean it can't be done.
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    Reverse Rotation Automatic Transaxle. Planetary gearset?

    You can't spin an automatic backwards and have it work. The pump rotation is directional. If you happen to overcome that hurdle the thrust surfaces will be on the non thrusting side of the gear stacks. One way clutches only work in one direction... the list is endless.