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Interested in your GTD40...any additional information/photos? What is that on the back window?
Hi. Someone put those ugly air scoops on the window. I replaced the back window though.
What's your email? I'll send you pictures.
Hi Ron,
I´m 30 kilometers from Offenburg. Since 5 Years owning the superformance P2164, when you stay next time in Offenburg would be nice to give me an ring:
07831 7474 or e-mail [email protected], perhaps we can meet and talk about the GT40.
Regards Ulrich
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Ron Earp
Ron Earp
That would be fantastic! I know Offenburg and some of the surrounding towns pretty well. Last time I was over, end of August and September 2019, I was at the motorcycle races in Gengenbach. One of the races team I know some crew, and, our companies' machinist builds some of the 500cc engines used in the race series. Good fun but it was a very hot day!