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Hello Dimi I wonder if I could get some information for you about what mechanisms you used in the mirrors I also have a drb and it came with the mirrors half assembled I'm just trying to finish the car off and need to sort out the mirrors
Hi Glenn,

Have you got any pictures of the "ears" on your car that transfer the air from your air intakes at the end of the clip fibreglass tube near the front bulkhead to the side I presume tube running to your dash vents. Hope that makes sense.


I don't seem to have Nick, I'll take some when I'm next there.
I have taken some of what I think you mean Nick, but don't seem to be able to add them here. do you have WhatsApp?
I have been a bit quiet lately, so thought I should add some photo's and an update.
4 years since the build started on an Unfinished Project.

2 Test Drives, 1st drive 7th Dec 2019 to Calibrate VDO Electronic Speedo and 2nd drive for Brake Test last week, 8th of May 2020.

Mechanically finished, Interior part done, Body Work part done, No Paint yet.
Hi Mason,

I was wondering if you would be willing to share some info about the ebay listing you won for the SLC? I wasn't able to find the completed listing on ebay, and I'd like to use the auction as a price point for the 2011 kit that just popped up in the For Sale section, if you wouldn't mind. If you have a link to the completed auction that would be awesome.