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Hello Steve. I have a question please. You seem to have an appetite for 40's. Might you have a customer in mind for something truly special in that vein. And no, i'm not talking Superformance drivel.
Just give me a call to talk fiberglass... I'm doing a shit ton of work that most others aren't even considering. You see several others doing fiberglass but in there is an art to it for sure.. I may recreate and sell you some parts is we can strike a deal as well.

Aaron Hamilton
Give me a call: 765-490-5383
Hi Keith, I make the light covers and door windows with laser cut vent windows out of crack proof plastic. If you still need these parts, please email me at: [email protected] so I can send photos of the parts fitted and details of the plastic.

Mark Clapp
Hi Nick, I am building a car and I need an adapter for V12 Jaguar and Audi Gearbox 6 speed. I know you have made an adapter for a 5 speed Audi gearbox and you have made a flywheel. Is it possible that you can advise me on how you made the flywheel? Thank you!