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Barry Pybas from WIlkesboro, NC. I bought your Kindle SLC build book yesterday, which led me to this forum. Am in the mode you related in your Introduction, where I've researched several cars including the Beck 904, Ultima Evo, FF 818. I would like to see your car and get a sense for how well it fits my 6'4" size, and better understand what you have done. Best regards, Barry 386-847-2871 [email protected]
This is Papa Bear. At 6' 3 1/2" I had to give up on my dream of a Daytona Coupe. Once inside, there was room. But the low top to the door opening was prohibitive.

So I am working on an RCR D Type Replica as is Chuck. At least the headroom is adequate.
Hi Lynn, I'm looking for a GTD40 VIN plate to be made up. Do you still do these? Based in the UK by the way.
Hi Ken, I think I'd like to take the spindles and a set of hubs..... perhaps both but I have a couple of questions. If you would call we can arrange payment.

253 474 6536

[email protected]