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O Mundo estar diferente do que era acostumado nao e diferente aqui no brasil, ja fiz algumas replicas ou melhor 3 um chelb cobra ,um porsch 550 e um 911 ,e ja estou aproveitando ,o tempo a mas que estou em casa e fazendo um arquivo de projetos para o GT 40 MKll pretendo fazer chassis monocoque pois tenho uma estrutura ideal para começar, e carroceria fresada em cnc , ja estou trabalhando nisso
Hi, just contacting you again, I sent you a message on Ebay UK about needing 2 front latches, you asked me to contact you here, if you still have 2 left and are willing to ship to the US I will paypal this weekend, thanks
Hi Stingray.
I saw you mail on ebay. I will be happy to sell you 2 front latches.
Where do you live?
If I can have your full address and telephone number, I can ship them next week with UPS. You can pay me via PayPal. [email protected] . The shipping is £ 25 with UPS, but the package is shipped faster and reliability.
Kind Regards
Steven Sandoval
391 main street
Setauket NY 11733
What is total with shipping? I will send by paypal tomorrow
Although I am a web designer at SEO Go, I have always been fascinated about race cars, including the classic yet always underappreciated Ford GT40.
Hi, I'm building an SPF from chassis up and need some pics of the door locks since my doors are new and have no cutouts and I'm looking to use original rover style lockset, any pics would be great, thanks
- Steve