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Hi sorry for the delay. For me to make the best possible knob I'm going to need the thread size and pitch. It would also really help me to know if you can get an emblem. Could you send me some pictures of the car in its current state. You can send them to my email address [email protected].
Dear friends of the GT40s community

Today I want to announce the restart of the GTX Project, started 10 years ago! This month (July 2023), the body has arrived in my country, we have not unpacked yet, but our monocoque chassis, made with a lot of effort, will be connected to the body .


Juan Rocha
Daniel, I'm hoping you can tell me what the max fuel pressure requirement of the S85 is or just tell me what the max psi is on your regulator and if it's plenty. I'm looking at aftermarket fuel pressure regulators and some units max out at 70psi. Others go to 90psi or 100psi. I don't know if that's overkill. Thanks.