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HI Allan:
I just joined this site because im looking for my next kit car to build and i was thinking serious of building this one. I have build 1 prior a FFR CObra roadster. Any insight you can give me is appreciated. I think the price you have it for sale would barely cover the cost to build it. Mark Coulter
Hi Tom. Thanks for the image of the bar. I'm just waiting on a quote from Superformance for their kit , I suspect it wont be cheap ! Meantime , can I ask a couple of question about your bar? What diameter is it ? What material is it ? , does it require heat treatment ? What sort of money are you looking for it ? , many thanks
jason [email protected]
Hi Nick.
Hope you managed to sell your beautiful GT40.
I am embarking on my own build here in the UK. Can tell me what your rear Avon’s are? Are they the historic rain tyres, what size tyre & wheel?
You said your rear is the Gulf rear with correct wheel offset. Can u help me out? what is the offset? Do you mean a 3inch fender extension either side?