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Hi Gary, Have you been given a date for delivery from Andy yet? Would be keen to hear how you get on, getting it over here, as looking at the TSC kit also. Just trying to work out how much it will cost to get it to my garage, from the UK.
Cheers Adrian
I did ask him about your order, as I had read you were waiting on one, and to get some idea of time scale, he smiled and said " it'll be alittle long then he thinks"
Who are you using to ship it over? is it coming in a container?
I'm thinking of seeing how much the guy building the TSC in Leicestershire wants for his unfinished project, not quite what I want, but would save a long wait.
Gary K
I’m not sure how it is arriving to be honest, something to sort out once things start moving. I’m going for the “poor man’s option” space frame chassis, Windsor 302 and Audi transaxle. These have kept me busy for the last year although I am starting to get itchy feet. What is Andy’s lead time at the moment?
Last time I emailed him (about 5 weeks ago) it was over a year late time