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Hi Bob,

Congrats on the car. I been looking at RCR and Ardern cars for the GT40.
Could you share pricing with me at all? Their web site doesn't really mention anything regarding that.

Thank you,

Hi Bill
Hope you are well.
You posted a small picture of the rear of the GT40 camera car from the Le Mans movie a few years ago. Im trying to find a higher resolution version of that image.
Can you by any chance recall where you got that image from? Ive never seen that shot before.
Email me if you can please.
Many thanks
[email protected]
Hi Danny,
I hope you are well.
Could you please contact me as I have just read your olf forum posting about the GT40 during the filming of Le Mans movie and I'd love to hear from you to get as much detail on everything you know , and I'd love to see any more photos you have. Paul Kinghan +44 7710 425177 [email protected].
Thank you!