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Hello, thanks for your interest, that encourages me to continue.

It is a monocoque replica, I have done all this while watching images online, mainly those on this website, I have never had a technical drawing plan. In this there has been a lot of passion and thousands of hours of study before making the workshop plan. However, when something is your passion, everything is possible.


I just posted pics on the build thread area if you want to take a look but beware you will probably fall in love. Just like I did.
Joel, like you I always thought the gt40 looked cool and is a rare site. I bought a CAV and made it the really badass. I am use to cobras, and old mustang. The gt40 is a handful and hard to get use to with all the power in the back. Mine has efi and 600hp, 15" wide racing Avon tires, correct look, but will go for 140k. I have close to 150 into it and new ones without motor and trans sell for 120. I could send pics?