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Randy, how do I send you private mail?
PM’s in this software are called “Conversations”. You simply click on my avatar, then click “start a conversation”. That conversation is private and the only people that can read it are those that are invited into the conversation.
Thank you. I've trusted you for years now and you always help me understand.
Hi Mike, I make the headlight and running light covers in crack-proof plastic for Avengers. Please email me at: [email protected] so I can send photos of them fitted to some nice Avengers. Also, feel free to call anytime at: 816-286-6982 to talk about the plastic pieces. I also make the door windows in the same crack-proof plastic.
Thanks, Mark Clapp
Hi Rick! Can you call or send me a txt message? Had to get a new phone and your contact info did not transfer over to the my new phone. I need info on the rear suspension washer location(s). I still have the note you gave me on how many washers forward/rearward but not sure where on the rear suspension to place the washers? Is it the inboard hiem joint on the lower control arm?

Thanks! Louis 662.312.6782