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    Aaron's SL-C build...

    About time! Same here, brought the SLC out for a drive to work this past week, god I’ve forgotten how awesome it is to drive this car. congrats!
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    Front tire poke at zero toe and zero camber

    275/30/19, 4” front ride height 325/25/20, 4.5” rear ride height
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    Drop gears or not to drop gears?

    The R8 has a redline of 8500rpm so that would be a good start.
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    Jack stands vs lifts

    I would recommend against this. The rubber gives you a little bit of squish in case whatever surface you’re contacting isn’t perfectly flat. It also has a good amount of friction to prevent the car from sliding off the lift. There is no issue with load distribution unless your car is severely...
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    CamT's build thread

    I hadn't received the tinted ones in time for the video, I've got them off to the side waiting for a few hours when I can install them. The difference with and without tint film is incredible to say the least, particularly up at elevation where I'm at now. Mileage - this year's been a bit...
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    CamT's build thread

    For the real masochists, there's an even longer cut.. yikes
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    CamT's build thread

    I'm not dead - just been super busy! The local Cars & Coffee crew came out and shot some footage of my car and interviewed me. Give them a like and subscribe! Photo credit: @303perspective Drone footage: @4blades_digital, @snipesfpv Shot for @cocarsandcoffee Edited by @jevandass
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    AVOID HCF - I paid them $1200 for a synchro 5 MONTHS ago. They have not delivered and will not refund me. Threatened me with their lawyer.

    Full disclosure – I’ve known John at HCF personally for several years now. We spent a great deal of time talking about SLCs at first and I’ve watched from the sidelines as he’s grown HCF. This is the first I’ve heard of this situation; after reading this thread I reached out to John to try and...
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    Tinted Lexan Windows - Please?

    Looks almost dark enough that you don’t need a frit.
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    Tinted Lexan Windows - Please?

    1pc for me
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    Tinted Lexan Windows - Please?

    I'd be down for a set of mid-level tint.
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    Air Conditioning Effectiveness

    After ~3 years the tint on my driver's side is so bubbled I'm about to take it off. The passenger side isn't as bad; the driver's side was exposed to sun more than the passenger. The difference tint makes is noticeable. I'm tempted to try it again with the tint being applied to the OUTSIDE -...
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    SLC 24 Howard Jones

    Very cool Howard, great to see you giving it the beans!
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    Kurt H (hoffkm) SL-C build thread

    I love to see all the carbon projects, if I can carve out some more time I’ve got a few more ideas I’d like to try out. These projects are never finished but I’ll admit once the car is driving it’s a tough trade between enjoying the car and working on it! Looking good!
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    Kurt H (hoffkm) SL-C build thread

    Feedback I’ve gotten is cutting too much in this area makes the door less stiff and may lead to cracking. If you do remove that triangle take a look at adding reinforcement. Practically, you don’t need to look through that portion of the door and if you put tint on your windows it’s almost...