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    Ride Height

    Target ride height with 0.5-1.0” different front to rear, with rear being higher. I have 4” and 4.5” blocks that I slide under my car for measurement. To adjust, get load off your wheels, loosen the 2 adjustment collars, then back the collar closest to the spring down or up depending on which...
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    Restarting my SLC project in West Texas AJ’s build thread, post 35
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    Fuel pump issue

    If it’s the standard RCR setup it uses a Walbro low pressure pump to feed the swirl pot and a Bosch 044 high pressure pump to feed the rails. That photo shows the Bosch pump.
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    Ken's SLC build thread

    Sadly on the long list of projects that aren’t getting much attention ... Scott Swartz has some great renders that I’m planning to use for inspiration. Just need to find the time.
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    Dan's Build

    Looks great Dan - epoxy floors? I’m in the process of working on my garage as well - well, I’m paying a pro to do the heavy lifting this time around. Poor guy’s been mudding the last 2 days and still has at least 1 more to go before he can texture.
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    Condenser Orientation

    I'll second what Allan said; I had originally installed it the other way around and when I brought the car down to get my initial charge the guys saw the same thing and recommended I flip the condenser - I did.
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    Restarting my SLC project in West Texas

    I'll confess - many of my fasteners were tightened to the "gootentite" spec. There were only a few fasteners where I used an actual torque (lug nuts, axle nuts, half shafts come to mind). Almost all my joints were dry in combination with nylocs; the overall torque changes as the nyloc has been...
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    Restarting my SLC project in West Texas

    Tie rod should be secured to the underside of that adapter, as you have it now and consistent with Johan’s, you would have had terrible bumpsteer in the on-top position. Rough rule of thumb once you have your ride height selected is get the tie rods so they are angled somewhere between the...
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    "extra unlisted options" (That you didn't know existed :)

    - Drop gears - An F ton of heat and noise blockers throughout the cabin (I don’t see enough builders going over the top on this subject) - HCF clutch package if you’re making big power - other upgrades as well but they start to really deviate from “option” to “custom”.
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    New here, few questions about the SLC

    Ask away - shoot me a PM or DM and I'll send you my number. Always helps to have a phone-a-friend when you've been up too long and you're about to go out of your mind trying to figure something out.
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    New here, few questions about the SLC

    Kyle - CF10s are the best option, but I'm biased ;) I second the recommendation that you get a set of cheap, used, take-off, whatever tires and not anything nice. Not only will they be drying out while you're building the car, but you're going to be doing a lot of bodywork with them on or...
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    SL-C Side Skirts Question

    I'd have Fran install a set of fiberglass side skirts - then once you get the car remove them, mod them with the fins as you'd like, paint, and re-install them. Everything's somewhat custom so giving you a dimension now so you can fab a set without having the car next to you would likely give...
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    Restarting my SLC project in West Texas

    Looks good! Put a breaker bar across your studs and try to turn your hubs while the parking brake is on. If you can budge it there definitely won’t be enough clamping force. Good luck!
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    Centroid Fuel Sender

    I’m using a device to convert the fuel sender signal to a 0-5V signal for my Aim dash system. When I calibrated my tank level I added fuel at 1gal and recorded the sensor’s output. Between 0-1.9gal I measured no change in signal from the sensor - so I believe you already have that 2 gal...
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    Restarting my SLC project in West Texas

    I wouldn’t sweat that blockage, it’s very rare that I move my blower past the low setting. It’s getting plenty of airflow and isn’t stalling out the fan. Texas heat may be a little different but this was true even when ambient temps were in the 90s. Seal your cabin really well and get as much...