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    Kurtiss' GT-R

    Hello again, do you think that door edge guard would work on the tank flanges to keep it from rattling? Also, looking at your build I thought it was difficult to find someone as precise as me. Seems I was mistaken, if it's worth doing - then do it right, your quality of work is outstanding.
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    Kurtiss' GT-R

    Looks great. What is the thickness of the plate you are using for this application?
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    Superlite GT-R Fog Lights/Turn Signals

    Take a look at what Allen did on his GT-R car. You can see the results on your tube under zakari4040.
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    Door Actuator

    Hello folks, Does anyone have a drawing for the size and location of the opening for installing a vertical electric door actuator for the SL-C car? Thanks for your time.
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    H Craft GT-R

    Photo Bucket strikes again.
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    Electrical Paint

    Hello Tech Heads, I have just read where there is a paint available that can be used for electrical wiring. I wonder if there is a use for this product in car builds? What is your opinion?
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    Infinity Box or Relays

    Thank you very much for the reply.
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    Infinity Box or Relays

    Thank you very much for the information. Electrical systems is not my strong suit and being a perfectionist just adds to the mix of uncertainty.
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    Infinity Box or Relays

    Hey folks, I would like someone to set me straight about using the Infinity Box Multiplex system. When using Infinity Box is there a actual need for relays? Blessings, Charlie
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    ECU Recommendations

    Hello folks, What in opinion is the best ecu for the LS series engines that will also maybe run the SBF engines as well? Is it better to take the car and have someone install the ecu for a cleaner look or it one of those installs with a little patience can be accomplished without many issues...
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    Mercury Rising Engine

    Hey folks, Does anyone have any experience with the Mercury Rising SB4 - 7.0 engine? They use the LS7 and install their 32 valve design making 750 HP from what I understand. Price for crate engine including ECU is less that 30K and comes in multiple color combinations.
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    Coyote Valve Covers

    These valve covers are for the 2013-2014, 5.8 Coyote engine. I wish it were for the 5.0, there seems to be a ample supply of those valve covers. Thanks for your reply.
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    Coyote Valve Covers

    Does anyone have a source for a set valve and coil covers for a 2013 Ford 5.8L Coyote engine? I do not want the original stuff and prefer something that looks really nice. Thanks for your valuable time. Blessings, Charlie
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    Ford Z351 Engine

    I would like to thank everyone for their comments regarding my request. Again, thank you very much. Blessings, Charlie
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    Ford Z351 Engine

    Anyone know of a company that provides a ready to assemble SBF aluminum block or a short block where one can specify the internal components? Thank, Charlie