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    Mounting UN1 upside down

    Hi Mike, Please point me in the direction on your Chevron build page. Could be well interested. Cheers, Clive
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    Mounting UN1 upside down

    Apparently it is possible to flip the crown wheel on a G81 Porsche box, and Kennedy Engineering are able to provide an adapter plate to a Ford Windsor motor. A bit of work required to get the backlash set, but doable. Guess I'm looking for a patient gearbox guy.
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    Mounting UN1 upside down

    Bugger. Rethink required. Thank you.
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    Mounting UN1 upside down

    I have installed an inverted UN1 in my scatchbuilt. I'm happy with the driveshaft angles, but I do have reservations. I made my own adapter plate, 50mm thick to accommodate the inline clutch throwout bearing, but with the best of effort, I'm still not sure I got the centreline of crank/input...
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    Clive's Scratchbuild

    This rather flash garage/workshop will be home to a very scaled down version of my sign business, but also the large number of machines one needs to build a scratchbuild. Soooo looking forward to the next month or so. Clive
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    Clive's Scratchbuild

    Been a long time between drinks. 4 years since moving house. Now built a decent garage/workshop to continue progress. Getting older, so hope to get to finish/drive the toy.
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    Speed Cameras

    We have these red light, speed and average speed cameras here in the ACT, Australia. The average speed cameras have been set up in 2 locations. The first is on a 2 and 3 lane road, up a relatively steep hill and down the other side. There have been 3 road deaths (the one accident) on this...
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    A quick question for the aussies

    Hi Kaspa, I've registered 2 clubbies, both with the VW 'mesh' collapsible steering column insert. Both were totally acceptable to ACT engineer and Rego authorities. The 40 has a Nissan collapsible column, and I don't expect probs from anyone. Clive
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    tourist guide to Australia

    The following hints are pretty close to the mark <TABLE class=MsoNormalTable style="WIDTH: 100%" cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0> <TBODY> <TR> <TD style="WIDTH: 100%; PADDING-BOTTOM: 0.75pt; PADDING-TOP: 0.75pt; PADDING-LEFT: 0.75pt; PADDING-RIGHT: 0.75pt" width="100%"> <TABLE...
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    Looking for KVA replicas info

    Hi all, Attached is a piccie of the build plate on my chassis. I believe it came from a KVA chassis, circa 1983. The chassis was nothing like my current chassis. If anyone can decipher the numbers, it would be greatly appreciated. Clive
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    F1 in 2014.

    The jokers who were in charge of the TV presentation need rooting, shooting and electrocuting. The poorest showing of any GP race I have seen. Maybe Australian only, but it was pathetic. Clive
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    Help with UN1 Rod Setup

    Hi Martin, currently doing the same thing. However, I'm running the UN1 inverted, which happily arrives with the gearbox lever on the RHS of the box. I have a single rod system which works, but I'm less than happy. Currently remaking the gear lever system to hopefully reduce the slop. I...
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    Electric/electronic hand brake calipers

    Has anyone explored the potential plusses/minuses of these systems. Looks like a winning arrangement. Certainly easier than running cables all over the place. Clive
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    One mans interpretation of a 1967 Brabham

    Kaspa, Congratulations on completing the car, and giving an Oscar winning performance. Well done. Now for your next trick?? Clive
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    Clive's Scratchbuild

    It has been a while since updating, but the economic climate in Canberra has been under a cloud for the last couple of years, courtesy of a politician promising to decimate the local workforce. It has made progress slow, as the dollars have been hard to find. However, I had been attempting to...