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    Superlite gated shifter

    Thanks that was what I needed. Ed
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    Car show

    I had my mask on. I do not have time to be sick
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    Car show

    Car show today
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    Gated shifter install

    Did you take any pictures of the install? Did the cables change sides Thanks Ed
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    Superlite gated shifter

    Anyone have pictures of Superlite gated shifter install from start to finish on a Graziano. Cable bracket and attach cables to shifter? I am changing from a stock shifter to gated. Thanks Ed
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    Mason’s Build: Superlite SLC

    There is about 1/16 space between the heim joint and the ears so I put a washer in between them so I will not flex the ears when I torque the bolt I capture the nut. Had it that way for three years no problem but I don't track my car. If I remove that bolt I replace the nut.
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    Mason’s Build: Superlite SLC

    I use the shallow locknut also you can get them at Fastenal. If you are worried about the bolt backing out drill head of bolt and wire tie it to upright.
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    Graz Starter

    I had to go with a battery with 1100cca to crank first time every time. I was thinking someone should be able to rewind the starter to make it stronger.
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    Nose hinge

    Anyone have a contact on where to buy.
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    Registration in Fl.

    Try NCM insurance They will work with you on value, miles and nine to five optional.
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    Jim hall interview. Fantastic!

    I sat behind Jim Hall and Smokey Yunick at Daytona in 1965 watching the test on a Chaparral 2A. You could walk in and watch at that time. No one was in the grandstands but us
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    East of Orlando

    East of Orlando
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    Registration in Fl.

    SLC in Florida Anyone have a titled SLC in Florida? Thinking of moving there any problems getting tags?
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    slc air filter assembly race tail

    I do not think the rear sway bar will be low enough to clear the body. Ask me how I know