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    Door sill to bottom of door seal / sill kick plate advice please

    Hi Nick m8 i used Alloy angle fixed down to the cill then pushed on the rubber door seal . does the job nicely got the angle from B&Q ,,
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    IVA Changes .

    Hi all has anybody heard any news on IVA changes . I was talking to Belinda on Monday about it . neither of us are sure on anything changing in the future .. Might be nothing but thought i would ask . Im thinking of my next build .. Thanks all . John.
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    UK newbie on the search for a 40.....

    Hi Andy m8 What sort of budget ?? John...
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    May Niki Lauda rest in peace

    Very sad Race in peace ......a true hero ..
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    gt 40 MDA

    I think i saw one for sale on Ebay a little while ago.
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    Gt40 Exhaust for 302 engine

    Hi Marcus .... Slave came from Tornado . I dont know what make it is .. I have just ordered a new one from Tornado . When it arrives i will put a pic on here for you ... John.
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    Gt40 Exhaust for 302 engine

    This is my Tornado system . Very happy with it ...
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    Aluminium Molding

    Its a DIY store ......
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    insurance for a GTD? who would you use in the UK?

    Im with Footman James ......... Not a GTD though ....
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    Insurance help

    Footman james ....... Had them on my Cobra too .....
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    Show me your fuel pumps please! - Carb fed engines

    the holley pumps have to be leve l with the tank outlet .........they are pushers not pullers .... i have a brand new one in my garage ... now .. went for 2 facets ..... work fine ....
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    Primer / Paint Blistering Need Help

    Have you used Etch primer ? thats what i used after this happend to me ....
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    External mirrors

    Hi Udo m8 these are what i have used ,,
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    SouthernGT Number 18

    So well done Paul . very pleased for you m8 magic feeling aint it ?? Enjoy it all ..