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    I'm with Chris. Unfortunately, I believe that Will is correct. Maybe it should be a NASCAR like series, everything the same but for decals.
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    Direct Injection vs. Port Injection

    I think I understand the advantage of direct injection, injecting into the hotter compressed charge increases charge cooling and permits higher compression ratio. If correct, why also port inject? All flavors are out there. Mike
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    Steve's GT-R Build Thread

    Nashville Saturday night?
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    Changing pedal location
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    Trailer - Need Recommendations / Advice

    OK, you have my attention. My limited research to date indicates that additional length comes at 100#/ft in an aluminum skinned steel trailer. So 400# for 20 to 24 feet . All that I have read indicates that you want 10-15% of gross trailer weight on the tongue. The same balance on a 20 or 24...
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    Trailer - Need Recommendations / Advice

    Thanks to all for comments. Any comments about sprung vs torsion axles?
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    Trailer - Need Recommendations / Advice

    Hello all! Need comments on enclosed trailer for Superlite GT-R. 15 ft long, 9 ft wheelbase, 3 ft overhang, 80 in wide. I have no trailer experience. My thoughts: 20 ft box, E track on floor, 83 in between wheel wells, beavertail, access door fwd rh side, winch. I see no way to get in or out...
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    Here she is...

    John, she is gorgeous!! (sp?) Love that blue, what is it? Mike
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    Shipping an SLC kit

    I agree with all said about Stewart and Jolene. First class!
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    Rumbles SLC Build

    gorgeous pic!! Valet Parking!?!? Mike
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    Is gt40's important to you - let us know your thoughts

    Happy to help! I would be disappointed to separate the Superlite world from the GT 40 world. I am building a GT-R and find information from builders other than the Superlite world very valuable.. There are great number of problems that exist in both realms and I believe that we all benefit...
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    Dean's GT-R build thread

    Mark, I am sure that a lot of us are interested in your experience installing a Coyote in a GT-R. Could you post that info here: GT-R Thanks, Mike
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    H Craft GT-R

    H, Thanks. Mike
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    H Craft GT-R

    H, Beautiful work! I have lots of questions. First, on the front "hood". Did you lay up the return flange on the movable part before you cut it loose? The hinges look OEMish, what are they? There is equipment installed on the left side of the splitter forward of the wheel, can you tell us...
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    Suspended or Floor Mounted Pedals

    Just musing. I have never driven a car with floor mounted pedals. I guess that suspended pedals' main advantage is keeping the floor clean. Floor mounted pedal motion more closely matches foot-ankle motion. Really interested in opinions of those who drive in "anger". Tilton unit that came...