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    Another project 56 Chevy

    Besides my Lotus build. I've decided to get back on track with my 56 Chevy pickup resto/mod. I've had it for over 20 years & had repainted the cab & front. But then got stalled by life (raising 3 boys etc). A couple of years ago I started to disassemble it again. For restoration but again got...
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    Part 2 of Don's Mk IV Build

    All is good. You hope ! Wouldn't hold my breath though with their history.
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    Wheels! please chime in!

    Your wheels look nice. The BBS?Ferrari style looks good, you could probably have the centers powder coated/ painted gold. I've seen a lot of BBS wheels like that. I really like the black & gold color combination my self & painting my Lotus that way.
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    Hello again - thinking of another GT40

    Nice E type (one of my wife's favs) it just depends on you as to which you'd prefer. I'm sure they drive differently. Being a mid engine Vs a front engine car. What anybody else would do in your situation is not important. You need to figure out what you want the car for? Or what you want to do...
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    McCopy mk 5

    At that point it doesn't look like a lot of strength is required. Looks like mostly just the body work support?
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    M8e at Fontana

    VARA & HSR races
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    My Lotus build

    Ian not as bad as when it looked like this. What I call the "Chevron happy car look" LOL But once I get the two round intakes under the headlights & it's all painted the same color. I think it'll look more like this: Only my colors will be black & gold
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    Radiator Venting Overboard

    Thermal expansion, the coolant has to go somewhere as it expands. You probably had the system "overfilled". Once it reached temp. Did it stop venting?
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    Mendeola vs G50/G96

    Put a RBT in it.. Yeah? What does a 5 speed one of those puppies cost?
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    My Lotus build

    I had been debating the looks of either a full width chin spoiler. Or the side wings like the T70 used. I made these up the other day & tried them on (only hot glued). I think I'll keep these. I'll need to make molds so I can replace them if/when they get damaged LOL I didn't want to just cut...
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    McCopy mk 5

    Russell your estimates for the Rover sound way off. I'm building mine with 4 IDF wbers for way less than you're showing. With the carbs no worries about a computer.
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    Lotus 38 ish Replica

    Lookin really good. But the engine bay does look a little neked?
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    "Vigilante 6.0 Vengeance" project

    Lookin tip top Mate