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    New Transaxle Option

    Hi Nathan I am very interested in your transmission Can you supply dimensional details . I would like a strong trans for my GT40. I've just torn up a Porsche G96 and have had enough of Porsche prices. Any help would be appreciated Cheers Woody
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    Gt40 project

    Hi Don Have you considered a DRB that has a 2" drop in the floor for the seat? There are a couple for sale here in NZ and with the American dollar strong at present it could be worth a look Woody
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    Corvette with CV

    Richard Can you explain what it is your looking for ? I have spare C4 splined axles and CV's that I used on my DRB but not sure if this is what your looking for. Woody
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    Porsche Boxster Trans

    Hi Bartman Jim is right it is longer but you can cut the mount off the rear housing with out hurting the integrity of the trans. I have one in my DRB. Tight but it fits Cheers Woody
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    Trans Ratio's

    I will try again to attach picture of the car need to resize files
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    Trans Ratio's

    Hi Jac Thanks for your time it is appreciated yes your right, gear ratios you mentioned are the same as the chart I was given with the trans ( attached ) however the chart says at 3000rpm I should be going 78 mph but its just on 60 mph. So I could change 6th gear but all the gears need to come...
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    Trans Ratio's

    Thanks for the reply Jac Mine is a 2005 G96 / 96 GT3. CMS said they could supply a 3.1:1 at a cost of $3950 US. I need to pull the trans out to replace 5th gear synchro's so I will check all the ratio's as I'm starting to doubt the info given to me with this trans. Woody
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    Trans Ratio's

    Hi Gents I know there has been a lot of discussion around gear ratio's but I would like some feed back on what you think is the best final drive ratio for the street. I'm running a Porsche G96 3.44:1 on 25" rubber. Although I haven't done many miles it just seems too low. So before I shell out...
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    Mike's drb #41 build

    Hi Mike What are those wing mirrors off? the look cool Woody
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    Mikes scratch build

    Sure looks beautiful Micke. Good job well done :thumbsup:
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    90 degree crank V-8 exhaust system

    Dam , cant seem to up load photos will look into it and post asap:sad:
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    90 degree crank V-8 exhaust system

    I made 180° headers for my 40 and they ended up too close to the clam shell, even with heat protector the physical size of the engine made everything very tight. So I started again this time keeping the primary length shorter closer to where it should be and the secondary longer. I made the X...
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    Kwik load trailers

    That's an interesting concept. It works back to front from the roll back system where the wheel carriage is separate from the deck like your photo and this attachment. This one has rollers in the carriage and I think the angle of approach looks to be less. Same old deal Jac you cant have your...
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    Kwik load trailers

    The air bag trailers are cool but a little pricey . The photo Jac is exactly it. I have read other forums where people have made one and not happy as they haven't got the length and tipping angles right. seems to be a fine line between good and not so!. I think I will start by making a model...