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    Bryan's RCR40

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    Rear Vent Measurement

    Scott Thanks for that info. I was hoping it was 18x12.
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    Rear Vent Measurement

    Can I bother someone with an RCR GT40 MK1 to take a measurement of the Vent opening located on the top of the rear clam or for that matter a measurement of the stock vent supplied with the kit. Thanks in advance. Phil
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    Sean's RCR 40

    Sean Headers look great as does the rest of your work...what diameter are the primaries?
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    Tornado GT 40 Build

    Franky Did you have the steering wheel done by a shop or something you did yourself? Thanks
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    Tornado GT 40 Build

    Franky Is that the Tornado supplied steering wheel you have in post #42 or did you have it covered like that? Very nice! Also great work!
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    FS USA SOLD:: ZF transaxle FOR SALE

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    2 ZFs for sale
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    Sean's RCR 40

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    351 Pulleys

    After weighing all options I have decided to go with a 427 SBF for my RCR MK1 build. I will be ordering a turnkey engine soon and will need to know the pulley setup with Alternator and AC locations. What is everyone using and what fitment issues should I expect? Pictures would be great. Thanks...
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    Fillmore’s RCR Mk1 GT40

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    Coyote Engine Choice?

    I placed my order a few weeks ago for the GT40 MK1 with RCR and I will need to make a decision shortly on what engine I will be using in order for RCR to build the chassis for my engine choice which will be a 351 or Coyote. I would like the opinion of anyone using the Coyote and what...
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    Flairs or Not.

    Thanks Chris I pretty much have made up my mind to go with the 2" flairs. Just to be clear the picture I have attached is with or without the flairs attached?
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    Flairs or Not.

    Thanks for the pics guys. Both beautiful cars. Any one have pics without flairs to compare?
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    Flairs or Not.

    Any chance I can see some pics of GT40 Mk1 with no flairs and 2” flair to compare looks and wheel sizes. Getting close to ordering and need to make some decisions. Thanks Phil