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    Sl-C or a finished car?

    I decided not to build, at least not yet, and bought a McLaren MP4-12C. Parts and maintenance are on a different level than an SLC (basic service ~$2k, new brakes ~$15k), and the car older, but I could drive it immediately. I could still be tempted by a roomy single seater (potentially electric)...
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    ***SOLD RCR SLC LT4 for sale SOLD***

    Very nice spec. The colour looks close to my McLaren's. GLWS.
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    So disappointed

    I'd pay the invoice, but I'm not a lawyer. How long did the invoice give to pay? Good luck.
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    possibly the sickest engine/tran package for an SLC ??

    An Aero-based electric commuter car would have got my money. I've just bought a McLaren 12C to fill that role though. The McLaren drivetrain would be nice in an SLC, assuming that it fits. It's quite expensive though.
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    possibly the sickest engine/tran package for an SLC ??

    Move to the San Francisco Bay area ..
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    RCR's Next car should be.....

    Looks like a squashed 370z.
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    ReinCarNation Magazine photo contest

    Done. It is the photo that I like the best too. Good luck!
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    RCR's Next car should be.....

    Another idea would be the C3 Corvette. I like the styling of the earlier ones, but they're absolute death-traps. A good chassis, with modern suspension and drivetrain, and roll cage, would be great. Now that values are climbing, it'd not be uncompetitive with the original route.
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    SLC #242 For Sale ***SOLD***

    Nice options. Good luck with your medical issues and sale. Roger
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    RCR's Next car should be.....

    That smells a bit fishy .. the AC Cobra was a British car with an American engine. It's been a while since I said it, so either (I know Fran doesn't like either :( ): - Porsche 904 - McLaren F1 layout car (not a replica)
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    SLC Build Thread-Chassis #53

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    Design An Emblem?

    Fran is British, so I assume that's the reason for the three lions. The fleur de lys looks like a reference to France, which could shorten to Fran.
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    Mark's GT-R Build

    Interesting. Perhaps Kenwood's EMI emissions are high. I would have hoped that they be well shielded, but, if it's digital, they might not care so much.
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    Mark's GT-R Build

    Really? Is that documented somewhere? I wouldn't expect digital electronics to be that susceptible to interference, although there could be some analogue sensor inputs (which should use shielded cable). The only thing that would worry me would be ground noise.