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    Bulkhead window frame GT40

    Paul Bav got one of a chap who had two cast, I think Tornado sells them not quite like these trim ones though more like this. I am thinking of getitng one
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    IDF Carbs

    Looks nice not so sure about cable tying the brake hose to the upper arm though :)
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    Jason's Southern GT #66

    That's a whole sled pack there my daughter would die for a Huskie like those!! Looking good, I would look to get a set of these I got mine from Paul Bav when he got his build rolling, I think he got them from Mick they make life sooooooo much easier. You can roll the chassis around with ease...
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    Hi everyone, new SGT #66 here

    Get yourself a rivet spacer as well best tool in the box for this phase plus air rivet gun its a ball ache without as the others say, also I used my bandsaw quite a lot for trimming panels, thin fine tooth blade is really good.
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    Any build paperwork

    Loads of info on this forum, my build log is here
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    Any build paperwork

    Got mine from then as they seem to have a stock of 302 blocks they did some work and I finished off, nice blokes, Mike sent me some really good info when I was at your stage well worth a read
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    Any build paperwork

    Great stuff similar to what I did engine and gearbox wise then, god mine was #54 and it seems like yesterday I thought I would have it done in 12 months!! Its been over 3 years now but work gets in the bloody way, only get an hour or two each evening but planning to hide for a few days to push...
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    Any build paperwork

    Just saw Mike's post both on the same wave length, mine was stroked to a 347
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    Any build paperwork

    Well the second one will be a lot easier that's for sure!! Mostly ok once I got the confidence to trim stuff, modify bits, I went EFi which was a ball ache should be worth it in the end Mick swears by it but its a whole lot more work but that's part of the fun, I found with bits like that you...
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    Any build paperwork

    Hi James, I would recommend build logs and forum members better than any build manual, from my experience the body and frame is based on the original so not much aligned even then!! I did a Model A ford a while back and tried to sort shut lines, etc until a felloe Ford A chap pointed out they...
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    My baby girl is all grown up!!!!!

    Congrats, my daughter just gone back to Reading Uni for Year 3 in Psychology, she says I could be a case study!!
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    Fortyfication 131

    Must be one of the best club magazines out there and damned good value for money
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    Just to add to the comments above, could not have worked on my build with a nicer team than SGT, even my at times daft questions were met with a solid response, always a pleasure to pop down for a catch up and put the world to rights, glad Mick you are not caravanning the whole time and will be...
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    GT40 on fire or how to prevent

    Get a damned good fire system as a start and hope to never use it, a big ish investment but in the scheme of things bugger all