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    German Insurance and KFZ Steuer ( Car Tax ) for a newly built GT 40

    Thomas I too have broken ZF (actually RBT) twice now. I also have a 427, but sbf with 520 lb. ft. torque. No problem for street use, but after 10 track days 4th gear teeth shear off. RBT admits 427 with racing slicks is beyond the trans limit. Holman is right about the t44 and that's why Ford...
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    Power & Tires

    Yes. I should have added that treaded rain tires are not suitable for everyday use as they're way too soft. I assume we're not talking rain tires though.
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    Power & Tires

    Treaded racing tires should stand up to high speeds at extended times. I ran Dunlop CR65 tires on a street Lotus Europa. No problems, good wet grip, just wore them down in about 4000 miles. One weakness of race tires is the sidewalls are very thin and may puncture easier with nails, etc. Another...
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    the right braking system

    No dust protection shouldn't be a problem for a track only car. None of my race cars had that over almost 30 years. Piston seals should be replaced every season if you're really heating the brakes up.
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    the right braking system

    I would go with the largest calipers you can that fit under 15" wheels. 11.75" rotors are probably as big as you can get under those wheels. I have 4 pot Wilwoods all round and still feel I could use more brake on track days. You might be able to use 6 piston Wilwood Superlite front calipers and...
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    Hello from Southeast Michigan, USA

    Welcome Rod. Your background bodes well for a GT40. I remember as a teen being infatuated with the GT40 and have been fortunate to live the dream with SPF. Keep us apprised of your purchase and build.
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    Ford vs. Ferrari--New Official Trailer

    Saw the movie last night at a preview for car clubs in Portland. Well worth seeing despite some inevitable Hollywood liberties. Didn't overdue the CG and lots of live racing action.
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    Alan's RCR40

    Just noticed your 40 is RHD Alan. How are you finding that driving? Dave Miller
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    Tyre options

    I'm a little confused by your chart. You're OK with the Pirelli and Michelin nominal width of 335-345mm, but sidewall width too narrow. Yet the Avon sidewall of almost 12" is negated by a nominal 295mm width? Isn't the actual sidewall width more important than a nominal marking on the tire?
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    Superformance A/C controls

    Does the A/C work better with the defrost on full or not? I think my defrost is full on counterclockwise, but I mistakenly altered the knobs and now forget the most efficient setting.
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    BRM wheel supplier

    Interesting the 17" Vintage Wheels don't have that extra bit, but the 15" ones do.
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    Jet powered road race car.

    In that same era Lotus raced their 56B with a Pratt and Whitney turbine. Was not very successful in F1 due to throttle lag out of corners. The Lotus 56 Indy car almost won in 1968. Ovals much more suited a turbine due to more constant speeds.
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    Brake Judder!!! What is it? Why does it happen?

    Agree with Randy. Had this same problem with Wilwood A or B pads after running on street pads. Had to get a separate set of rotors just for track use.
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    Hydraulic Release Bearing Problem

    After two McLeod internal slaves failed I went to a CNC external slave one. You also have to get the RBT external arm kit part #1001 though. 8 years now with no problems...