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    More Global Cooling/Warming/Change hoax.

    Thank You.
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    How did the troll ever get on GT40' I've never seen a car post from him.
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    Newer Car GT40 branded caliper brake pads

    Thanks for the track info Richard. Strange that you still locked rears with bias bar set to fronts. Were you downshifting at the same time? I've found the GT40 very touchy to heel and toe downshifts. I would agree a less aggressive rear pad is warranted as the calipers are identical front to...
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    Newer Car GT40 branded caliper brake pads

    Here are the Wilwood compounds available for our calipers ( front and rear same). Early cars came with BP-10 pads, but that may have changed to BP-20 pads on newer cars. OK for street use, but too soft for track days.
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    Newer Car GT40 branded caliper brake pads

    So how did the track day go Cameron? How were the brakes and what compounds did you try?
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    Superformance - Older Models vs. Newer

    As the owner of an 11 year old SPF I'm not aware of many updates to current ones. There were some electrical issues with relays on early models, but most owners got free relays to correct that. As to buying a used or new SPF it's mostly whether you want specific colors and options and are...
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    Newer Car GT40 branded caliper brake pads

    Initially I tried 'B' pads. Didn't fade, but low initial bite. Went to 'A' pads. Better, but still not as much initial bite as I'd like. Don't know anything about the BP30 or BP40 pads. Wonder about some of the other brands ceramic compounds? I also track a Lotus Europa and know it weighs 1000...
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    Newer Car GT40 branded caliper brake pads

    Hope you're planning on changing the pads. You'll fry the Wilwood BP-10's in about 2 laps. BP-20's won't cut it either.
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    Newer Car GT40 branded caliper brake pads

    I think the new ones are Wilwood FNSL4R Forged calipers versus the previous billet ones. Otherwise same dimensions and pads.
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    Show me your fuel pumps please! - Carb fed engines

    Had the best luck with a Carter 4600HP pump. A single one provides enough fuel for my 427 Windsor on track days. DO NOT get the Holley HP150 gerotor pump. Went thru 2 of those in short order because the shaft seal fails and leaks fuel.
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    Alan's RCR40

    Hope to see your 40 soon Alan. Please get it out to Beaches or World of Speed. Dave Miller
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    GT40 replica prices

    Or is it the case of potential buyers getting older and fewer?
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    More Global Cooling/Warming/Change hoax.

    LMAO Nick!
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    Mkii roof vent size?

    Hi Larry, Interesting observation. I own a Superformance Mk II. It has 10 louvers, but as you say original photos only show 8.
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    Brake pads again!

    No they are Superlite Radial Mount. Uses pad with 7716 pattern. I believe SPF come standard with BP10 Wilwood pads #150-8855K. Wilwood appears to make most of it's compounds in the narrow 7716 pad now. Would be interesting to know if they can make a softer compound.