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    Kar-Kraft assets purchased to yield more Mk IV

    I saw 2 of the 7 Mk IV at Olthoffs for setup service in the past. One of those was in Asheville after that. Construction was spot on reference the prints and photos. Observation..these are not street able because you cannot see to the rear and right rear. A Mk I or Mk II has much better...
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    ERA Mk I for SALE ***SOLD***

    That car has been sold and is on it's way to an ERA PADDOCK In PA. Thanks for you interest. It is a hot market for a good car.
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    Grady email [email protected]

    Grady email [email protected]
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    ERA Mk I for SALE ***SOLD***

    [reply sent....I hope 828 274 7257
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    ERA Mk I for SALE ***SOLD***

    ERA Mk I 2087. Period correct FORD Guardsman Blue with a Racing White painted side stripe. This is an LHD ERA stainless steel monocoque model with built in roll bar. This beautiful Mk I example has front canards and adjustable rear air spoiler. This is NOT a wide body car. The car is...
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    Hi Rick, I'm Back after some serious eye surgeries. All better now. I hope time has been good...

    Hi Rick, I'm Back after some serious eye surgeries. All better now. I hope time has been good to you. Grady Wilson TA152
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    RETURN of member

    I've been a member since 2008. I own several GT40's. I've had a little problem with my eyes for a few years and finally got things straight. Good enough to get my medical back for my commerical/instrument flying license (rotor and fixed wing). So I'll be around the website and will be listing...
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    ERA #2028 for sale **SOLD**

    Nice car
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    Jokes anyone? -

    Very good
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    Calling Old Members

    Ian Yes I think I am an older and old member. I check in and look at the whole list of columns and got through. However I don't past unless I have something to add. I had a loss (major) lof my eyesight this time last year. I went from 69 years of 20/15 - 20/20 to I can't see. posterior...
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    This girl apparently likes GT40s.....

    Again I say, 'We all have choices, some turn out to be a long life of explaining themselves over and over.' Daily I see examples of 'poor choices made' in courtrooms or partners for life. Nice art, but it would look better on a wall.... framed.
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    Jokes anyone? -

    You guys are not sending enough is one a friend sent me from one of the 'down under islands',:thumbsup:
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    CAV Wide Body No. 104 Lemans Blue **SOLD**

    Re: CAV Wide Body No. 104 Lemans Blue Rob great pictures. you must have had a perfect overcast with just the right light. And the pavement was perfect. Great flash control and I'd guess multiple lights to shoot with. Very nice.
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    How Do You Keep Your Garage Clean?

    The floor coating manufacture provides clear beads that you sprinkle on the surface before you apply the final clear coat just for this purpose. I used them at outside door entrances. Not a problem with water or oil on the floor. Observation: I used colored flakes to contrast with the light...
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    How Do You Keep Your Garage Clean?

    Steve Epoxy is the way to go. Easy to clean with a wet mop. Fuel and oil spills don't penetrate and can be easily removed. It can be scratched, but only if your not careful. I put down a 30x60 foot Ucoat-it floor down over a 3 day weekend. A lifetime warranty against peeling, blistering and...