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    Interested in your GTD40...any additional information/photos? What is that on the back window?

    Interested in your GTD40...any additional information/photos? What is that on the back window?
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    I started building a was challenging and very satisfying figuring everything out. Unfortunately, I sold it before I completed it. I am now building a FFR 289 USRRC...just installed the engine yesterday. The FFR is very straight forward...perhaps even too easy!
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    Scott's RCR40 Build

    Regretfully, I sold it almost a year ago....during a moment of temporary insanity!
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    Scott's RCR40 Build

    Finally...back to the GT40 build. I finished my one year rebuilding of my race frame, body, and mechanical restoration. I just got accepted to the Monterey Historics Reunion. Attached is a picture with the body removed. Progress on the GT40: - hinged the front clip. It sure makes...
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    US GT40 build wanted

    I am open to letting my RCR GT40 go. I had a recent racing incident and plans have changed. You can check current build status on my build thread: Scott's RCR40 Build. It is the Deluxe Plus kit with 2" flares. 15" BRMs with new Avons. New ZF trans with hydraulic throw out bearing and Kennedy...
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    Hello from Texas

    Welcome I have a RCR40 in the middle of a long build and live on Lake Conroe, just north of Houston. let me know if you have any questions. Scott
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    Hi Jim RCR quality is top notch. If you visit them in Frazier, Michigan, you will be very...

    Hi Jim RCR quality is top notch. If you visit them in Frazier, Michigan, you will be very impressed with everything you see there. Since RCR races their cars, they are race-proven and you can't beat the monoquoque chassis. There is an in cockpit video of an RCR40 flipping at Eagles Canyon...
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    What kit is this one?

    I sat in a Lone Star "GT40" and it was nothing like this one. The LS40 has a pushed up rear end to house the shock towers and the Ford Focus engine and trans....kind of weird looking and the lines just are not right! Check the forum (2005) discussion...
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    Scott's RCR40 Build

    I fit the doors went amazingly quickly and easily! (spider and front clip also in position) This is what I did: 1. For easy adjustment of the hinges during the fitting process, I created 2 plates for each hinge with holes drilled and tapped to accept my 1/4 inch bolts, which I put on...
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    Scott's RCR40 Build

    Well....just fit the dash and should have noticed that the defrost indentation, while centered, the middle splitter section is offset to the right for the right-hand drive car so my carefully placed defrost vents spaced on the center line of the chassis are off. I will just have to move the...
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    Scott's RCR40 Build

    Here is an example of the new evaporator design test fit into the dash. The defrost outlets are evenly spaced around the center line of the chassis. If you look closely, you can also see that the windshield wiper mount has been moved from the right side to the left for my left-hand car.
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    Scott's RCR40 Build

    Finished installing the fuel tanks (referencing Chuck's install). Before installing the tanks, I cleaned them and then squeezed six 3.5" x 6" x 7" blocks of safety foam through the sending unit hole to nicely fill the space. I then attached the sending units with 10x24 stainless steel screws. I...
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    Scott's RCR40 Build

    Actually made some progress today.... A/C: Vintage Air upgraded their evaporator unit to now provide servos to direct air to the floor, dash, or defrost, which meant I had to create a new template to cut the holes for the 3 dash vents and the 2 new defrost vents. This will also require some...
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    Scott's RCR40 Build excuses now. I threw a rod through the block of my race car engine after losing oil pressure while on the high banked corners at Indy . Now I have lots of time to work on the GT40 while my engine gets rebuilt. It should be ready for Road America in September. I removed all of the...
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    Scott's RCR40 Build

    Randy...good point. Each caster was rated at 375lbs. so I figure I am good for up to 1500 pounds. That ZF will be coming off tomorrow.