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    Tornado GT40 - The Car Has Been Sold

    Tornado GT40 - The Car Has Been Sold.
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    FS AUS "V8 Archie" 6speed ls1/ls2/ls# fitting kit (all new)

    Building a mid engined project car & find an in-line transaxle too expensive / complex for your project?? – do I have the kit for you! I have a brand new V8 archie ls* adaptor kit. (www.v8archie.com).This kit was originally designed to fit the chev v8 into the pontiac fiero. It was later updated...
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    Cayman Transaxle?

    Hey guys, great forum you have here, keep up the good work. I have a couple of questions though. I would like to use a Porsche Cayman 6 speed Transaxle for my build and have seen some tuners such as RUF and others get as much as 450 hp and 420 lbft of torque comming from the engine, so can the...