1. weisserheilbronn

    What chassis is this

    Hello all, while investigating P1016 I stumbled over this: Does anybody know this car? The add does not specify the manufacturer....? Markus
  2. A

    MK I roof vent

    I want to add a roof vent to my MK I. I have the outside part, but not the interior box. Does anyone know where I can get one?? Thanks
  3. M

    pins for GM (olds) column?

    Hi guys, the harness that came with my kit doesn't have the column plug horn wire connected to the Infinitybox. I'm trying to figure out where I can get the right style pin to add it. Any ideas?
  4. R

    Can AC be added later

    I am looking to buy or build a GT40 replica. I have seen multiple GT40's that don't have AC. How hard is it to add? I haven't found a kit yet other than a kit car manufacturer. Has anyone add ac after a build? Any pics of the AC install? Thought about electric driven compressors vs engine driven.
  5. M

    Graziano Fluids Pre-filled?

    I went to add gear lube to my Graziano transaxle, and in opening the side access, fluid started to come out. Are these pre-loaded with gear lube? Should I drain what is in it and add new fluids? Does anyone know the amount of gear lube the Graziano takes? I have a tranny cooler. Do I need...