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    What size aero cap fits in the fancy casting?

    Hi all. Fuel filler caps and necks come in at least 3 sizes that I have found but I won’t be getting the cool looking casting till after the IVA (which is about to be applied for!). So the ask is, could somebody with a set of those casting measure the inside diameter for me please? Ant
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    SLC aero street legal with 2 seats

    Will this ever happen? I for one will think it'll do really well haha
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    Street Aero inspiration...

    Praga...... My attempt to inspire a road legal Aero! Praga R1R - as extreme as road cars get | evo REVIEWS - YouTube
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    Aero owners & soon to be owners

    Starting a thread for Aero owners and soon to be owners. Anyone taken delivery of their Aero yet? What has your experience been with setup and other aspects of the car? I know there's one owner for a fact as he and fran ran down at road ATL back in March. I ordered mid feb and am waiting on...